“You’re exceptional”

Gorilla Grip by Rahul Mookerjee.

“OK, but you’re exceptional!” (from the horses mouth, as it were!)

And while I would have continued the conversation, I didn’t talk any more about it, primarily because it brought back a memory from EVEN longer back way in the day . . .

“What are you saying, dude? What language are you speaking?”

(along with a look of sheer BEWILDERMENT, if that makes any sense!)

“The sky is the limit for you, Rahul, if … “

Now, I don’t agree at all with his review, but that isn’t the point here. The point is, we can ALL do it. We ALL have the ability to do it, and those that say they don’t are simply making EXCUSES for their incompetence and laziness — nothing else.

0 Excuses Fitness by Rahul Mookerjee

Tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW IT FIRST!

In other words, actions are what COUNT in this here GAME of life — not mere talk — and if you can make the actions exceptional, so much so the better for YOU.



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