You’re a one man show with no contacts!

I’ve always spoken about the importance of the gut feeling, my friend and how your gut is ALWAYS (well, almost always) RIGHT — — and trumps “logical thinking” MOST of the time.

In fact other than two instances last year where I was very creatively gypped out of money, I cannot recall a SINGLE damn instance in which my gut had been wrong . . .

Go right ahead! I want it, and I shall HAVE IT!

Henry Ford, American captain of industry, business magnate, founder of the Ford Motor Company

“You’re a one man show with no contacts! What do you know?”

What Napoleon Hill, author of the pathbreaking Think and Grow Rich had to say about excuses like the one above . . .
Corrugated Core by Rahul Mookerjee — routines that just flat out WORK in terms of stripping away the pesky fat around your ENTIRE CORE . . .
The famous (and one of my favorite) movies “Training Day”
As Twain said, a person with a new idea is considered a CRANK — UNTIL he succeeds! Curious how that works, huh.

Tell the world what you’re going to do, but show it FIRST!



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