Worry is indeed the interest on a “loan” you might never have to repay!

Rahul Mookerjee
4 min readNov 14, 2020

I was originally going to say “don’t worry — be happy”.

But then I remembered a post made by a friend on WeChat, and the meme he was referring to(it was this one). And it seemed oh so appropriate here!

As I wrote the last post about swimming — — as those memories surfaced (I should say RE-surfaced) from way back in the day, there was one feeling that suddenly SWEPT over me — and one I gotta share with you right now.

That being “happiness”!

As I remembered my swims — the good times — the general “casual” nature of being in school at the age of 19, and not really worrying a damn bit about what was going on in the world outside, or what would HAPPEN AFTER we graduated — and so forth.

A “dream world” of sorts — or should I say “fairy tale world”, hehe (as a lady recently told me).

A world that EVERYONE has to go through at some point (well, unless you choose or otherwise did not go to college) — — and a world that most people have fond memories of and I’m not an exception to that rule.

While my school days weren’t the most pleasant due to many reasons — my college days in general WERE — and I have nothing fond memories of the time I spent at the University of Southern Mississippi (my alma mater) … even when I was getting D’s and F’s galore, hehe.

Anyway, what is the point of me saying that?

One, that no matter what we do (and this is a message that bears HUGE relevance now) is that after it’s all said and done — — once you’ve made the decision — — once you’ve just done it — — it’s time to let GO, my friend.

Let go, and stop WORRYING. No more if’s, but’s, maybe’s, or whatevers.

You did it — now stop worrying and — MOST importantly in today’s date — BE — and STAY happy!

Be happy — be grateful for what you DO have — and in these times of COVID-19 and the mass PANIC sweeping the world, I often tell people this — AFTER I tell them that logically speaking, we really shouldn’t be worrying about this COVID-9 anymore than we did SARS — or perhaps even “H1N1”.

Or the common flu, for that matter.

OK, maybe a tad bit more than the above due to the mortality rates — but logic aside (and really, given the gross ILLOGICAL decision being taken by people globally on this), lets focus on FEELING.

Things will return to normal. NO, the virus will not be the “be all and end all” scenario so many people are talking about.

Rahul Mookerjee, author of 0 Excuses Fitness and many other pathbreaking fitness books.

What has to happen WILL. Like I have said before, and like I maintain, and as Emerson, more of a philosopher than I (or Napoleon Hill for that matter, from whom I first learned about Emerson) so sagely said, there is a silent third party that balances ALL the books in the end — for everyone.

There is NO hiding — there is no ESCAPING — and compound interest is the rate of this exchequer, as he rightly said — — and though those words have been uttered a century or so ago, they bear RELEVANCE today. I see evidence of this in my daily life, and none more so than in this time.

Even so, that said, since there isn’t much you can do to change the “grand scheme” of things — why not stay HAPPY and CONTENT in that knowledge — be GRATEFUL for what you do have — — and then try and change things in your OWN life?

How about making today the day you finally, finally, get to 100 pushups? If not in a row, how about in sets?

Or, how about the coveted 500 … a goal I set for myself back in 2011, and a goal I’ve often written about (and have mentioned as inspiration in my latest book)?

How about climbing that hill you’ve always wanted to — and doing so — AGAIN — at the end of the first climb? Another ROYAL bit of motivation that …

How about writing that book?

How about NOT worrying about what others think of you — — and just be YOU?

How about … just NOT worrying — — and staying happen?

Bob Marley I believe it was that coined that song (coin, hehe, and there is a good reason that term comes to mind), and it has stuck in mind ever since the age of 6 or so, when I was old enough to understand it.

Don’t worry — be HAPPY — and that’s the best message I can give you TODAY!


Rahul Mookerjee

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