Why you should train in a BUBBLE

Rahul Mookerjee
6 min readJun 23, 2020

. . . if you’re truly serious about your training, that is!

As I was pounding out pull-ups today outdoors, it happened — as it usually always does.

It happened once again as I was getting some dips in — nice, full stretches done EXACTLY the way I teach in Shoulders Like Boulders (which by the way has a new and updated “Handstand FAQ” section — something you’re gonna love if you’re into doing handstand pushups).

And of course, it happened yet again (and a lot louder) towards the end of my pulling workout when I was doing hanging leg raises — done slowly, all the way to the top of the bar and then down again in a smooth, controlled manner — as I teach you in Pull-ups — from Stud to Super Stud within weeks.

And what happened, you might ask?

Well — what happened was what normally happens when I train outdoors — and being I haven’t installed a pull-up bar at home like I did wayyyyyyyyy back in 04 when I first got to China — I usually end up doing pull-ups outside.

Not to mention dips etc.

Now, when I train the “outdoors” is usually deserted. Most people are pounding away at the computer in their cubicles when I train, and that’s a good thing for me in that there are MINIMAL — or almost NO — distractions when I train.

That’s one of the great things about doing what I do — writing and selling info products can be done on one’s OWN time, leaving so much more time to do what really matters in life.

Anyway, there were plenty of folks outdoors today. This sometimes happens during the weekends as well, and on each and every one of those occasions, crowds gather to watch the foreign devil train.

And then of course, the parade of “wahs’s” and “ooooohs” and “ahhhhhhss” start — especially when I’m cranking dem toughies out.

All “admiring” noises, of course, and yet — this is the one thing I absolutely HATE to have happen when I train. It can’t be avoided at times though, so I imagine myself in a bubble when I’m training during “busy” times like this outdoors, but yet, it still sometimes ends up annoying me (though nowhere NEAR what it used back in the day when I did NOT picture myself in the bubble — boy the fits I threw on occasion, haha).

Anyway, why do I hate this so much you might ask?

After all, they’re admiring me, aren’t they? They’re trying to “say” I’m doing something good — or great — something which is apparently “impossible” for them to do — whats so bad about it?

Well, several things in my opinion.

First off, it lessens my focus — especially when some loon comes up to me and starts offering advice on something he has NO idea on how to do — unsolicited advice at that.

Example in point would be an ass clown who showed up when I was doing pull-ups one day and tried to pester me about “why I train like this”.

“Why do you work so hard on pull-ups?”

“Why don’t you train your mind instead”

And he only really backed away when he could tell he wasn’t getting anywhere. Funnily enough it occured when I turned my own back to him — and he suddenly fled. Perhaps it was something to do with the way the muscles were tensed in my back? No idea, but that is ONE example.

Or, as happened today, a teenage boy old enough to know better following me all around the park as I did my thing, despite being old enough to know better.

Negative energy galore, my friend. Not only do these people do NOTHING with their own lives — the unwanted disturbance is actually them projecting a boatload of negativity on the person that’s actually out there doing something.

And note I don’t so much mind a crowd forming as what happens AFTER the crowd forms. If folks want to “admire from a distance”, fine — but repeated requests for selfies during HARD training — or any training — are NOT welcome.

“Pull-ups — from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS” by Rahul Mookerjee

(Think you’re good at pullups? Well, great. Now get cracking on some of the advanced variations in the above course!)

Second, I’m not training to impress anyone or put on a show for that matter. Some of the movements I do and the precision with which I do ’em may make it seem that way, but it’s NOT what I’m trying to do.

I’m training for myself. I’m training to get better — ALWAYS get better and improve — and what *I* do, as opposed to “enthralling a crowd”.

’Tis strange but true — the “wahs” and “ooh ahs” not only make me lose focus — but they also hinder my performance during my reps. I do FAR better training “like a tiger” by my lonesome, and I bet the same is the case for YOU as well if you’re a serious trainee.

Third, these movements demand concentration and max effort — NOT idiotic conversations or selfies galore.

And fourth, but NOT least, I don’t “compete against others” when I train. Sure, I’ve got goals — but end of the day, after you get past a certain level, the only person you’re really competing against — and the only person you SHOULD be competing against — is YOU, my friend.

The ease with which I crank out 10 plus pull-ups per set may stun some people — especially when done in the noon time heat for multiple sets, but believe me, there’s so much MORE to accomplish.

And the way to accomplish said things is to go into one’s BUBBLE — where NO-ONE and NOTHING exists except you and your training.

The world quite literally ceases to matter. Everything stops. It’s you — and your training — and NOTHING else, my friend. That’s just how it should be if you’re looking to improve in each and every workout.

Shoulders Like Boulders by Rahul Mookerjee

There are folks that claim “onlookers” give them the energy required to perform better. One of my friends claims that he does way better at pushups when he’s got others watching as opposed to by his lonesome.

Perhaps — but yet — he’d do a hell of a lot better if he got into the zone — into his bubble as it were — and moreso, the people “watching him” when he does better are likely nothing more than silent approvers — something which is fine — so long as it doesn’t cross the line and turn into what I’ve described above.

Anyway, that’s what I love about the exercises in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, so much, my friend.

You don’t need a gym. You don’t need more than a few square feet of space. Hell, I could be traveling and can get in a great, great workout doing just THREE pushup movements that work the entire body — and that too in the privacy of my hotel room.

The 0 Excuses workouts allow you to train in a bubble — IMPERVIOUS to outside negativity and influences — the way it SHOULD be when you’re looking to accomplish goals, my friend.

Get your paws on it NOW, and watch your training take a leap for the better.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. — If you love stories, you’ll love the book in the System. I even mention how I fashioned a pull-up bar out of a rusty iron pipe — NOT something most expats or even people in their own countries would do. When there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way, my brother. Oh YES there is.



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