Why you should stop being a “complaint box” PRONTO.

Rahul Mookerjee
11 min readMay 23, 2020

Dear Reader,

Flashback to way, way back in 2009/10 I believe it was, back BEFORE yours truly started his fitness biz (and other writing ventures).

I still wrote, of course, but I was getting NOTHING out of it as opposed to now. I was basically being “freeloaded” by one and all — anyway, more on that later, and this ties into what I’ll be saying, but here is what I WAS saying — back in the day, I was working for one of the biggest I.T. multinational companies in a job that was little more than a “cog in the wheel” job.

A job, which when they hired me, they took one LONG mournful look at my resume and said this

“He’s lucky we are even considering hiring him. With his resume, no-one would give him a second look”.

And of course, people believed that too. HA!

For the thinkers out there, Jack Ma, anyone?

He was rejected from not one, not two, but THIRTY jobs . . . all in his hometown of Hangzhou (which back then was hardly the massive city it is NOW), and they all probably gave him the same and similar sorry ass “condescension”.

Jack Ma, the richest man in Asia, and Alibaba scion — and yes, the above is TRUE!

Henry Ford? Roundly criticized by one and all, bankrupt MANY a times (at least twice) . . . didn’t succeed or even start hitting his pace until well past the age of 40 . . .

As Napoelon Hill says in the pathbreaking Think and Grow Rich in the chapter on “sexual transmutation”, most successful men do NOT hit their pace, or even start to do so before the age of 40, and sexual transmutation (or INCORRECTLY using your vital energies while you “sow your wild oats” is one major reason behind this).

Anyway, this isn’t about sexual transmutation. I’ll do up a post on that later, but for now, I hated that job big time — more than anything else, and for some inexplicable reason I continued in it for years until one fine day I had enough and just stopped showing up to what had become so meaningless I was starting to wonder if picking oranges under the Florida sun would be a better occupation for me.

(No, this ain’t nothing against orange pickers before the politically correct libs and the rest jump upon me . . . )

One of the things I remember about that job was the big white COMPLAINT box they had in front of their numerous buildings.

Labeled as such “complaint box”.

And you were supposed to write your complaints down on paper and drop ’em in the box — — and apparently (along with an online version of this as well) the powers that be would look at ‘em.

Did they?

You guess, my friend. HA!

If there was ever a more useless endavor than writing our complaints there and hoping to be HEARD, I’m all ears, hehe.

And that then brings me to my central point.

One of the things I really do hate about people is when they become massive ENERGY DRAINS — and energy suckers.

Curiously enough these same people then sometimes (after being an energy leech el -maximuso) proceed to lecture yours truly on “what is an energy drain”.

I’ll never forget the 5 minute or so audio message (ugh, I hate those! Why can’t we just text with el caveman, hehe) that I got from THAT dude who lives in mainland China and rants on and on about the injustices there (and about the Hong Kong issue as well).

Can we say hypocrite. With a capital frigging H.

Like I said before, dude, if you hate the place that much — then LEAVE. Staying there and complaining about it all day is nothing but counter productive, and that’s putting it LIGHTLY.

Yet another one in the “foreign loser” category — except he was of Chinese descent.

I’ve written about him before HERE so I won’t do so again, but you get the point.

I’ve also written about my thoughts on the Hong Kong issue, and why do I mention this?

Well, first off, because of the recent legislation that China has apparently introduced (but not drafted) that would pretty much take away whatever it left of Hong Kong’s autonomy.

And of course, my phone has been buzzing off the hook with people eager to discuss it with yours truly.

My response?


As I stated before, while I have a very strong opinion on how things should proceed in Hong Kong, at the end of the day it’s a dicey issue.

There are TWO sides to this, just as there are to the Israel Palestine issue, and HERE is where I’ve written about it — if you’re interested, it might be well worth a read.

But more to the point, why do I bring this up.

Because the vast majority of these people — or perhaps ALL — are NOWHERE to be found when yours truly needs to discuss something.

Which el caveman doesn’t with the sheeple, but the point stands . . .

When I talk about something that is outside their tiny sphere of “interest” (read ESL bubble — no, NOT the expat bubble — that was pretty much back in the day, but most QUALIFIED — read folks that can do more than sing A B C in front of a kindergarten class done LEFT already — way, way back in 005 when the last great “qualified expat exodus” happened), I’m sure you can guess their reactions and responses.


Or ignore . . .

Or the cursory “Oh yeah. Whatever” as they go back to their little bubbles, entirely oblivious to what YOU HAVE TO SAY.

Curiously enough these are the same people that troll all day long on internet forums — — or get online and “diss” those that have actually MADE it through their OWN hard work (no, no handouts or Mommy’s credit card, hehe)

The same people that want it all for “free”. That want to get on IDIOTIC phone calls for HOURS on end while WASTING your time — and finding some place to vent (for them).

Don’t get me wrong. Venting is fine, but it’s a two way street, my friend and I long ago got TIRED of people calling me for hours and venting about their stuff (usually B.S. politics and other issues — all boils down to “these people have no one to talk to”).

The SAME people that are first in line at the government office to get the handouts — while publicly criticizing the very same people that are helping them.

And the same people that are drunk every night, of course . . . And that are married to, or in relationships with local women from other cultures, and all the time complain about “she can’t understand me!”

Boo hoo. . .

And more.

And if you just recognized yourself in any of those categories, well, rest EASY — you ain’t alone!

Anyway, enough of that.

To truly progress in life, my friend you have to cut out what does NOT work for you.

The immortal Napoleon Hills’s thoughts on NEGATIVITY, and he was RIGHT . . .

You have to notice your FEELINGS — and if “energy drain” is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a message, or get on a call (or think about it) — well — here is my advice — DON’T.

You may and probably will lose a lot of relationships that way, but think about this — were the energy leeches actually BENEFITING you in any way (and no, I ain’t talking just money here)?

Again — IGNORE the energy LEECHES, my friend — — for very good reason too!

Did you feel uplifited after talking to them — — or was it always “I wish he’d give me a chance to air MY opinion too!”

Stop being a “complaint box” for others, my friend. Do so today, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel almost instantly!

And for those reading, believe it or not, I’ve just given you a MEGA POWERFUL indeed tip that will aid you along the way to achievement, contentment and — yes — prosperity as well — and guess what.

And though imagination IS everything — this particular tip has got nada to do with that. Zilch, zip, nada, schnada.

Corrugated Core by Rahul Mookerjee. The right form of physical exercise truly does AMP up the positive energy while BANISHING the negative . . .

No — what I’m telling you to do is to (and implement this change RIGHT NOW in your life at that) is to ignore those that “nothing but energy suckers” in some way, shape or form.

Now, in terms of how to recognize energy leeches, drains and suckers? The negative folks? The black holes of energy as I like to term ‘em?

Well, if you’re part of the crowd that teaches English in China, then that in itself . . . ah, but I digress.

Sorry, hehe. Just had to say it, as I have in the past (hate me for it, sure, but it’s TRUE).

Who is an energy sucker, you might ask?

Well — good question — when you’re around a certain person — how do you feel?

Again, do you feel uplifted? Positive? Upbeat? Ready to take on the world?

Or, do you feel even more “downbeat” than you were before? Do negative feelings and feelings of “having nothing” come flooding back galore after speaking (or communicating in any way) with this person?

There you have your answer, my friend. If you answered “yes” to that second question, then that said person is an “energy sucker” instead of an “energy creater”.

And well meaning or well intentioned though these people might be, it is wise to avoid such people altogether — or limit contact with said people to the bare minimum.

People that “say they’ll do it” but somehow find an excuse not to despite there being no real reason.

People that “say they’ll get back to you” but are usually “too busy” (popping open the next pack of Doritos, or slamming more beer, hehe) to get back in the form of a response that would take no more than a minute to “craft” — people that amazingly enough have all the time in the world to talk to you when THEY need something.

And of course, those that want “freebies” all the time.

And in case you think this sort of person doesn’t populate the fitness world you’re WRONG my friend. You’re dead wrong!

They DO.

Case in point being, “Lady L” who I wrote about earlier on (do a search on the blog if you can’t recall who she was).

This woman pestered me up and down using various “insidous” means (one of them being “my friend introduced you to me” — and btw that friend never once asked for anything free) to give me a free copy of one of my products.

Anyway she kept badgering me regardless.

“I need help!”

“I have a personal trainer, but I want more tips!”

“Boo hoo! You are not kind to me!”

(that last one being the most incredulous of the lot, but whatever).

I finally gave in and mailed her a copy of one of my OLD products and made a deal.

“Ok, so I’ll give you this for free — but guess what — you’ll have to DO the exercises mentioned therein”.

“Oh, of course! Of course I will, Rahul! Thank you so much!”

I gave her the course (an old one, since updated galore) — and true to form, I didnt even hear a peep out of her after I emailed her. Not even a simple “thank you”.

A few months later, I received a message from her asking for — get this — another freebie.

I burst out laughing, and asked her if she had honored the previous deal, and of course, pat came pouring EXCUSES galore.

“I’m too busy!”

“Sob! I just started a new job!”

“Yeah, yeah” (I tried to get a word in sideways) — “but it only takes like 10 minutes to TRY, and …”

“Boo hoo! You don’t understand me”

I could go on and on, but you get the point, don’t you?

Bottom line — people that WASTE time with meaningless and foolish excuses and find every “reason” in the book not to do what really should have been done yesterday are to be AVOIDED at all costs.

I implemented this rule in my life a few years ago, my friend (and REINFORCED it a year ago; no more “stray incidents where I give in) — and believe me — the changes that took place in my life since have been nothing short of awe inspiring.

Long story short — CUT energy DRAINS out of your life. You may feel that the “void” won’t fill, but fill it will, my friend — and it will fill with POSITIVE energy in more ways than one.

And sorry, but this one tip here is so powerful that I cannot fully elaborate on its benefits via a simple article alone (albeit, as I see now, a LENGTHY one. Yikes!).

You’ll have to experience this for yourself to see what I’m talking about, my friend, and that’s just the way it IS.

Last, but NOT least — — if you truly DO want to hang out with the DOERS — those that are MOVING AHEAD in life — and keeping in top SHAPE — well — do so HERE. This is the link for the 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP — truly a place where motivated folks hang out.

Folks that WANT to do something productive with their lives instead of rant, moan, piss, groan, complain and stay DRUNK most of the time (or every night).

Folks that actually uplift you and talk sense.

Folks that (for once) YOU can get advice from, as opposed to being a free “advice box” for someone.

Folks that are interested in getting into the best shape of their lives — just as you are.

Folks that are WINNERS. Not the complainers, whiners and LOSERS with nothing better to do than chant “A B C” in front of kindergarten kids all day long (based upon zero quals).

And so forth.

If any of this enthuses you, well jump aboard now. I look forward to welcoming you.

Do it — FEEL it — and rise UP while AT IT!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. –With regard to the link I just shared Remember, you’ll get UNLIMITED access to all 0 Excuses Fitness products as long as your membership is valid — as well as to yours truly. Value unlimited really — — so hop aboard now, my friend.

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P.P.S — As for why I keep ranting about ESL and ESL teachers in general, well, there is a very good reason indeed, and one being as a good friend recently said

“folks that get these jobs based upon NOTHING but their nationality and skin color”.

And these same folks when you talk about racism with them . . . or any MEANINGFUL current issue, well, CRICKETS.

I was once told (back when I ventured into that muck) that “I could never teach as well as a white person could” because “they want the real deal”.

I asked them if the real deal meant being white. After all, aren’t Americans (or those that speak English at a native level) of EVERY skin color and not just “white” (as in snow white, blue eyes and blond?

This was a FRIEND of mine saying it, if you can believe that, and so when I write to you about avoiding energy drains, I’m doing so from dint of sheer EXPERIENCE.

And a student that constantly asked me that “if I’m from English country, why I don’t have blue eyes” (verbatim hehe).

Ah, the ignorance. (And I’m not talking the Chinese version of English — Chinglish, in other words, that she was speaking!).

Moral of the story again — stay AWAY from such people. It just ain’t worth it, my friend.



Rahul Mookerjee

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