Why the HATERS are almost always LOSERS

Rahul Mookerjee
15 min readJun 1, 2020

Dear Reader,

With a capital L I should say.

Have you ever noticed that when a person is really “going to town” in any regard — then you’ll read WAY MORE criticism about him (or her) both online and offline than SUPPORT — or “love” as they term it in today’s sissified politically correct world?

And when said person writes or says something that causes the rest of the sheeple to sit up and take notice — well — watch OUT.

You’ll have ignited a maelstrom for sure.

All those nuts with nothing better to do than check their Facebook feeds every so many seconds will be glued to their phones just WAITING to troll with their inane comments (in most cases, the “haters” make zero sense when you talk to them in a logical manner).

For instance, I recently wrote an article about not wanting to learn Chinese, even if it was offered to me for FREE.

Yes, you got it. FREE.


Well, I’ve outlined the reasons here (in what seems to be by far my most rabble rousing post on this platform, and believe me, if you’re looking for a reason to hate me there are MORE posts that will probably make this one look like a walk in the park. Check out my author profile or whatever it is on Medium — as well as my sites here (www.0excusesfitness.com) and HERE (www.rahulmookerjee.com) — should be plenty of material for both you “haters” and “lovers”, hehe) so won’t get into it again, but . . .

Point being this.

Because I just don’t flat out WANT TO.

No, I don’t care if that sounds offensive. I’m sick and tired of people denigrating and saying whatever they want about the U.S. and other civilized nations, but when it comes to a rogue nation that acts (both at home and globally) in the most uncivilized, barbaric and school bully’ish manner, we gotta treat ’em with kid gloves because “they’ll get offended”?

To hell with that, my friend. YOU can do so by all means if you want to, and that’s your business, but I ain’t gonna do it. If someone wants to converse with me they learn MY LANGUAGE (yes, this holds true for the hordes of you badgering me up and down on social media all day long).

As a friend of mine replied to me on wechat

“I’m with you boss. My wife’s family keeps pestering me to learn the language. I tell THEM to learn English”

And I agree. 100%.

Just in case you didnt believe me, hehe. And be warned in advance ; if you’re going to take a look at that post NOW (this was a minute or so after my initial post if I’ve got it right) — it’s got more than 77 “unread” remarks — and counting. Oh boy, hehe.

(NB — I posted a few screen shots the other day which garnered a lot of flurry, so this wouldn’t be complete without posting another from my wechat account — taken a few minutes or so AFTER I posted the post. As of now, there are about “77” pending “remarks” that I haven’t bothered to address, hehe. The first person is Chinese, and the second is a friend).

And when the Chinese are themselves laughing over this (as opposed to the bozo on Facebook who thought what I said was racist — was it?? Please provide proof as to why, hehe. If anything, what you said was racist and you were called OUT for it as well, and of course . . . crickets).

If YOU are getting in touch with me, and if YOU are the one hankering for my time, then YOU do it MY way ,not the other way around. That’s just the way it is, and that’s how it is going to be. Sorry if that offends anyone, but I’m just being honest.

Curiously enough, a lot of these haters probably and privately wish for the same damn thing to happen, but don’t have the balls to either say it publicly or actually tell whoever is asking them to bend over backwards to stuff it.

And go to hell.

And hey, if that’s you, that’s fine. If you want to be politically correct “because you’re in China and they may not like it, and you don’t want to upset your little bitty English teaching apple cart which is entirely dependent upon the whims of the locals and as and when they choose to hire or fire you (lets face it, folks, that isn’t exactly the most stable of careers and never ever was)” — hey, you won’t hear a PEEP out of me.

No problem. BE that way. I don’t care.

Again, no. I don’t care. But when it comes to ME, and telling ME not to say what I like, well, I DO CARE my friend.

Your freedom to swing your arms STOPS where my nose starts, and that’s just as simple as it gets.

But anyway, before I get more into why haters are usually losers — and yet, absolutely essential to your business growth, lets take a look at the story beneath . . .

(Before that, though it would apt to say that person in the screenshots I posted yesterday is giggling away nineteen to the dozen at all of the madness, and is FAR from being offended. Want proof? Let me know, and I’ll send it over — — and no, she ain’t interested in learning English for free no more, amigo. Yes, I can’t seem to get away from “dem” redneck roots can I now. 😉).

Long ago, well, not that long ago actually (2017 I believe it was) — — I put out a revamped version of Gorilla Grip — — and a couple of days after it was out, I made my first sale.

And then I noticed something which I really enjoyed — — although you might think I shouldn’t have, hehe.

It was a review (something I ask all readers to do — honest reviews — we love ‘em!) which was a “3 star” review.

“Ok, but you can get the same information for free elsewhere”

That was the title of the review, and the illuminary who wrote this went on to say that the exercises “while OK” could be “found on the Internet” — and that “the examples I stated didn’t mean they would work”.

There was more, but that was the sum and substance of it, and I’ll try and link to the review if I can, but here is my point — — and I believe I’ve made this before when readers from this list email me complaining about price etc.

First, if the information is indeed “freely available”, why not just go out there and GET IT for yourself? I’m certainly not running after you to invest in any of my products — — or even “exhorting you to”, hehe. Ain’t my place to do so anyway. I can only show you the ROAD — it’s up to YOU whether you follow it or not, my friend, and that’s as simple as it gets.

Second, why didn’t this person simply just do it and compile the information HIMSELF if what he was saying was indeed true.

Obviously because he was either too stupid to do so — or didn’t have the time to do it — or couldn’t do it.

Third, as those that have purchased my products KNOW, there is a degree of “brain picking” that goes into my books that you CANNOT find elsewhere.

Be it the secret tips I often provide in my books and newsletters (I should say “secret” hehe) or even the “little things” (remember, little hinges are what swing BIG doors) — or simply my own experiences — all of that, my friend, if I were to care to put a price tag on it — — or even ONE of those things — — is simply invaluable!

Yours truly in a possibly even more “annoying” avatar than usual . . . (hey, I get it. Some of you guys like color and all the fancy whiz bang stuff, but I’m a back to the basics guy for the most part, hehe)

When I receive remarks such as the above — — or unsubcscribes from my list due to said reasons (or any other idiotic reason, really), I throw my hands up and CELEBRATE — — and why?

Because you’ve just made space for someone else — who DOES get it, my friend!

And more as well, but before I sign off, this sort of thing is NOT limited to fitness alone.

I recently had a client from India add me asking for green tea, and all the quotes etc associated with what he wanted.

I patiently took the time to explain to him what he should be selling (cardinal rule #1 right there — — you NEVER let a “provider” tell you what to sell, but in this case I had to, because the guy did literally NO market research of his own despite me asking him to).

Except, of course, price.

“Can I have the cheapest price?”

“Uh, but what exactly do you want?”

“Something that’s cheap”.

“Uh, but I don’t sell based upon that buddy. Maybe you’d be better off contacting someone else!”

“Oh no! I liked your sample (I sent him a sample or two) … and I want to order it”.

“Well, quality doesn’t come free my friend”.

“Can you give me rates for other types of tea?”

And you can guess how the rest of the conversation went, my friend.

So long story short — if there is anything that annoys — and simultaneously PLEASES me no end, hehe — it is those that are “price shoppers”.

And as for why — well — you be the judge!

Last, but NOT least, this doesn’t apply to those of you who have genuine reasons as to why you cannot invest in a product right now — — or whenever.

Gautam, a customer from India once emailed me a few years ago asking for a discount, as well as for me to work with him on “custom payment terms” (there was some problem with the Paypal account I was using not being able to accept payments in India — — or something to that effect).

And despite the fact it took him a month or so to follow through — — I answered ALL his questions — — and worked with him THROUGHOUT the entire process.

The intention counts, my friend — — and its easy to see who is genuinely interested — — and who isn’t!

A screen shot from one of our pages right here (https://www.facebook.com/pg/fastandfuriousfitness/reviews/?referrer=page_recommendations_see_all&ref=page_internal) — Fast and Furious Fitness — and you can see what Gautam said for himself.

This guy is the real deal. I encourage all readers to buy his products and benefit like I have. Thank you, Rahul! Rahul is an unusual combination of both brains and serious brawn. And his products shows. Pick a copy of his books and you will get more than your money’s worth in terms of fitness

Gautam, India.


Now, where was I after all this?

Ah yes. The LOSERS . . . and the reason I mention the PRICE shoppers above is because both the categories are usually always congruous and overlapping, and while it’s not ALWAYS the case (always exceptions) for the most part those that whine and moan after they buy a product with no real valid reasons are the exact same sort of people that get their panties in a wad for someone coming out and saying it like it IS.

And curiously enough, there ARE still people out there who are huge proponents of the latter option . . .

Anyway, lets take a look at Donald Trump — one of the most successful men in history I’d say and a man that (other than Jeff Bezos) I probably admire MORE than anyone else in the world right now if just for his marketing skill, willingness to say it like it IS — unapolegetically and PROUDLY — and fulfiling the PROMISES he made during his election campaign, which was to MAKE America Great Again.

And as the economy crumbles globally, the fact of the matter (after it’s all subsided) is this — the GREENBACK is what is rising in value in all regards, while the other so called “up and coming” currencies (RMB being one) are in free fall.

Well, not quite free fall, but the real situation in that nation is way worse than what the CCP is letting on . . . and the haters know it, hehe. Except they’re too scared to come out and SAY it.

Anyway, look at the man’s Twitter.

He gets called every name under the book.

Some of the threads against him could literally fill up entire BOOKS, hehe.

And yet, does any of that impact his success?

Not at all, my friend. And the same thing holds true for YOU at a marketing level.

Remember this.

Anytime you’re trying to do something, or doing something and doing it better than the rest of the sheeple out there and in a way they’ve never ever begin to dare to — you’ll get hate, and tons of it.

If you can’t be thick skinned and ignore it, well, you ain’t got no business being in real biz, hehe.

People are going to say things. Take shots. And why — because most of the time it’s far easier to spend your energy ranting about someone that’s “cutting straight through to the MEAT of the matter” as opposed to DOING something with your OWN life, and getting similar results.

Hey, it’s far easier to dash off a Facebook comment and “blend in with the rest of the sheeple” saying exactly the same thing than be the nail that stands out (although most people secretly DO want to be the nail that stands out, and when that nail hits upon certain insecurities that most people have — guess what happens).

Name calling. Trolling. And much like the hissy my 6 year old threw yesterday at Papa “ending her phone time” earlier than she thought it should be, these fine folks will do exactly the same.

And all the while, guess what happens.

Believe it or not, all this negativity (so long as you don’t wade into it) actually impacts sales — POSITIVELY.

And it’s happened on numerous times in the past.

It happened after the person that posted the lengthy review on Amazon on Gorilla Grip got on his soap box. Till date, it’s my best selling product (even more so than the hugely popular 0 Excuses Fitness and now Pushup Central).

Same thing for the “I won’t learn Chinese” article, and the hate it received. The most immediate effect I noticed was an uptick in site visits, and how . . . and after I woke up today at the grand ole hour of 1145 AM, SALES — more so than the previous three days combined.

Granted, it hasn’t made me a millionaire . . . YET.

But hey, I’ll take it! 😉

Dan Kennedy (I’m sure y’all have heard of him) once wrote that every time you get a negative review for something WORKING — or for saying it like it when no-one is willing to — or a sales letter that works — or anything similar, then you should stop what you’re doing right there — and let out a huge HURRAAAAHHH!

Dan Kennedy is Founder of Magnetic Marketing® and one of the most revered marketing advisors to entrepreneurs and business owners in the world. Kennedy has taught his Magnetic Marketing System to over 6 million people around the world. And if he says something — well — you stop — and you LISTEN!

At first this advice seemed strange to me, but coming from “Dan the Man”, you can bet your bottom dollar I LISTENED.

And while I’m not going to reveal how I felt after doing it, let me just tell you that the floodgates literally opened — in a very positive manner indeed for me!

And that’s part of the reason I actually thanked people for their negativity and hate on the forum I was referring to in my last email I sent out.


No, I’m not saying it to make sales. I do indeed love it when I get hate filled posts and jealous and envious commetns — keep ’em coming folks — it makes my day!

And on another note, lets face it folks.

Nigh on NONE of the haters would have even cared about the post I am referring to if I had simply referred to the freebie seeker and left it at that. Hey, a lot you know that are protesting against my post KNOW the reality behind what I wrote — and guess what I ain’t lying either. You probably get a ton of these “requests” as well (if I can call ’em that).

But no — the reason the haters (and I’m writing for this for those not in the know about China, or ESL — although I suspect the average reader here on Medium is MORE than aware of the cesspool ESL is in general) really went to town is that one or coupla lines I posted about ESL itself in the piece . . .


Let’s face it folks. It aint the ideal vocation by a long shot, is it?

And for those that say it is . . . well, I provided reasons in my last post as to why it isn’t. If you disagree, fine, but by that same token if you throw a hissy fit with someone that disagrees with you, then it just makes you look stupid my friend. Again, I know that will probably piss off certain people reading this, but such is life . . .

Last, but not least, for those that “wonder if they’re doing the right thing”, take a look at the real lives — behind the scenes of the HATERS.

Are they actually doing anything with their own lives other than hate and attempt to pull others down to their level?

I’ve written about the bucket of crabs analogy before.

ANYTIME that one crab tries to get out of the bucket (actually, even once it’s out) the rest of the crabs will do their level best to pull it back in to stop it from escaping.

And this is a truism whether we’re talking LIFE — or business — or anything.

The sheeple will do all they can to keep you BOXED in. Whether you do or not is ultimately up to you, my friend!

Long story short — embrace the haters — you’ll never make a better business decision than this!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Gorilla Grip — ADVANCED by Rahul Mookerjee

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P.P.S #2 — Oh, and more on the idiocy . . . I shared this on one of my social media accounts, but it wouldn’t be complete without sharing it here as well.

The list of names I keep getting called is ever growing, and OTC, hehe. (as of now the entire original thread seems to have been deleted by a mod, hehe. Hmm, I wonder WHY! 😉). I’m predicting the next thing that’ll happen is I’ll get removed from the group.

And hey, I get it. ’Tis common, not just for libs these days but Facebook and other social media as well to censor points of view they don’t agree with. As I posted about last night I shared a fantastic, TRUE and hilarious photo of Donald Trump and Ms. Pelosi . . . and the reaction?

Well for one, Facebook started whining about how it was “against community standards”, despite it being VERY PG rated. Hehe. Anyway, back to name calling we go . ..

(Don’t think I’m being honest? Don’t think Facebook and Twitty Twat Twitter isn’t actively censoring what they deem doesn’t fit into the liberal mould of idiotic “thought”?

The former more, and the latter less but if you don’t believe me, just look at what the POTUS said about social media a few days ago. I would post the links but you’d say I’m biased, so I invite YOU to go check it out YOURSELF hehe).

From Jesus to “Habib” to “wetback from (well, I best not go there, hehe” — it’s now descended into much, much more. Some people truly do have too much time on their hands, hehe.

I’ve got all sorts of responses over the past few hours to this piece (I should actually say 24 odd hours) ranging from “this sounds like a redneck has written it” to the “westerners only come to China to date younger women and sometimes kids!” (brilliant fella — I did a piece up on just that a while ago but probably forgot to share it) to “this piece is needless edgy” (apparently someone thought I should tone it down) to “you’re racist! Chinese hate westerners too!”

And I said above One fine gentleman asked the lady that made the “racist” comment this.

“You’re saying he’s racist, but aren’t the Chinese racist for hating all foreigners”

The answer?

You guessed it. Crickets.

Hey, in a country where we’re called “foreign devils” . . . LOL, and thats taken for granted as something thats part of the “language” and should be tolerated, or else!

Anyway, enough of this rabble. To get on my mailing list, so you can stay up to date with all that’s going on here at 0 Excuses Fitness HQ’s, go right HERE — https://0excusesfitness.com/free-newsletter/

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And on that note, it’s finally adios — for now, hehe. Stay tuned for more rabble rousing coming up in VERY SHORT order, hehe.

0 Excuses Fitness — by Rahul Mookerjee (somehow “0 Excuses” seemed to be an apt indeed way to finish this one off)



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