Why people pay big bucks for my books

Rahul Mookerjee
6 min readJun 21, 2020

Those that get it, at least, do . . .

Before I start, yes.

I’m one of those ‘iconoclastic’, reneage authors you hear about so often that seem to delight not only in trashing what the sheeple think and believe (hint- it rarely, if ever is a good idea to “follow the masses” and even less to be BRAINWASHED into doing so (and given the current occurences globally, there is no better time than now to say this!)), but also someone that says it like it is.

Loads of people globally tune into my daily newsletters for my “irreverent”, politically incorrect (sometimes extremely so and usually DELIBERATELY SO)fitness and other motivational tips on a daily (sometimes more) basis.

Even more check out my Facebook, Twitter etc and buy my products from my site to “see what this guy is on about” (or, as is common these days, through “word of mouth”) and get back to me later with testimonials.

Usually testimonials wanting MORE. Big time!

More of the same thing that brought them there, and that got them great results, and then some!

And while Gorilla Grip is by far the most popular book on my site there is a relatively new course I put out (about three X the price of Gorilla Grip) which seems to be SET to take the mantle over from the initial bestsellers (which still sells like hot cakes) -and how!

And while I could wax lyrical about WHY this book is something every fitness afficiando MUST have, I won’t.

While I COULD wax lyrical and bellow from the rooftops, RIGHTLY so, that this book on pushups is the best damned book on pushups out there, bar none, I won’t do so . . . for now.

I could challenge you to find a better book than this on pushups . . but I won’t even do that for now!

Instead, what I’ll do is to let you hear it — — straight from the HORSE’s MOUTH.

ust got a great, great email in from Charles Mitchell, a long term customer and huge fan of Pushup Central and my other products. Lets take a look –

(This was w.r.t my last email about a dozen no’s eventually turning into a YES!)

Since you’re in the mood for asking, I’m asking when you’re going to put out a book on static holds like what you talk about in your recent pushups book. The pushups book is awesome! Why? Because the F…ing exercises and workouts are hard as HELL! That’s why! I hate workout books that don’t challenge you. I think I also asked you once before to put out a plyometric calisthenics book as well. DO IT! Your stuff is the best. You are the real deal, which is why I don’t mind paying the higher than normal prices for your books. I’m also glad that you now put them on Kindle because I have no more room for paper books in my small apartment .


Keep up the good work

My response –

Hey Charles

Thanks for the email and the kind words — and that’s some honest feedback for sure!!

Yes, I agree — workout books SHOULD challenge you. It is only when we’re truly challenged that we GROW — — in all aspects, and fitness (and life, of course) is NO exception to that rule. Glad to know the workouts are giving you a lot to work upon — — how are the “fingertip” versions coming along??

Thanks as well with regard to the comments about it being about VALUE and not just a dollar tag — much appreciated, and ’tis indeed TRUE my friend.

Yes, we have been on Kindle for a while now (and that is why I offer digital versions of all my books on my own website as well. I used to paperback years ago, but switched to digital a long, long time ago . . . ).

And YES, you did ask me — — but I think it was about a book on one armed exercises (one arm pull-ups etc) etc. It’s funny though that you mention plyometrics — advanced (and extreme) plyometrics are part of the reason I’m getting such solid workouts in these days myself! Will certainly put out something on that down the line, and while the book on one armed exercises is ALSO in the works, the one that is currently being “penned” as we speak is the book on ISOMETRIC workouts.

Interesting again that you mention that. I’ve also got something planned for symbiotic workouts if there is enough interest . . .

I’d probably have a lot of this done by now, but (as I’m sure you know) we’ve been grappling with server moves etc for months now and it’s only settled down in that regard (I finally found a reliable host!). Not to mention my other writing biz which is really starting to take off now as well, so I devote a fair bit of time to that as well.

Thanks again for the great feedback; much appreciated buddy. Stay safe and I’ll keep you (and everyone!) posted on new stuff coming up!

Indeed, my friend. All about VALUE — not price — and yes, the course on isometrics will probably be the next one out. I want to make it something GREAT — something different — so hang tight while I get things together — and we’ll have it out soon.

And for those that don’t know, yes, I have another (actually, TWO more) business where I do a LOT of writing. Perhaps even more so than I have done for this one, and the prices are HIGH for my books even there my friend.

And guess what- folks happily pay them.

Pushup Central by Rahul Mookerjee available right HERE — https://0excusesfitness.com/pushup-central/

Unless they’re tyre kickers such as mentioned here- https://0excusesfitness.com/2018/11/07/why-are-your-ebooks-so-expensive/

It’s always about value, my friend. Not just a dollar tag.

How valuable is your health and fitness to you?

How valuable is a book to you that provides you with a complete body workout in less than 15 minutes without needing to pay big bucks on gym memberships, clothes, equipment, dumbells, kettlebells, bar bucks (bells!) and so forth?

How valuable is FEELING good to you — all day long?

How valuable (and this is perhaps the most important) GOOD solid INFORMATION to you?

How much is it WORTH?

Only you can answer the above questions, my friend. I know what my answer is though . . . and I know what my customers say as well, hehe.

And I know what I’d recommend to YOU as well, if you let me! ;)

In the meantime, YES, one armed training is ALSO VERY much on the cards in terms of books . . . and YES, if you have any more ideas for books/courses — shoot me an email, and let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S.- Here is what the same customer had to say when he FIRST read Pushup Central. The testimonial above is his latest and second one (a couple of months after getting on the stick in terms of the programs and workouts mentioned therein). Here is the FIRST:

Got your new push up book off Amazon. Very impressed! Was a little hesitant due to the price, but once I got it I was not disappointed! Just like all the other books I’ve bought from you in the past It’s great! If I’m ever able to master the fingertip versions of all these push ups I will have hands like sledge hammers and fingers like steel! Keep up the good work, and start working on a book of training unilaterally, one arm, one leg, etc. I look forward to this in the future. Using various progressions, you will truly build incredibly powerful indestructible human beings.

Charles Mitchell, USA

Amen, my friend. Amen!



Rahul Mookerjee

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