Why I THRIVE on hate . . .

Rahul Mookerjee
3 min readNov 10, 2020

Oh boy.

This morning I wrote about the hellatious day I had back in December last year, and yesterday.

And I did not really go into much detail about yesterday, so let me do so NOW.

Let me just tell you that a certain person who I wont name for the nonce (but WILL later) has been doing everything in her power to get me down.

Including things you would normally never think of.

Such as no power the entire day (and no, it ain’t a power failure we’re referring to here either), and no internet (and yet, yours truly managed to hammer out them emails and send them to you!).

I love my list, my friend.

YOU are what make it truly worth it!

And I’ll write about that later, but yeah, everything was thrown at me except the kitchen sink and perhaps even that.

And perhaps that WILL be thrown at me down the road. Can’t never tell these days!

And yet,I came out tops in more ways than one.

A goddamned survivor, as a friend from the US Marines likes to call me.

And I’ve written galore before about how anytime someone says you “cannot” do something is a time you should rejoice and be happy, because guesss what.

They’ve just given you a giant massive boost on the way to GETTING there!

But of course, they don’t realize that.

The worse the no is, the more challenging your circumstances are, rest assured, as Napoleon Hill said, an “equivalent or greater benefit” awaits down the road.

It may not and likely won’t feel good when you’re going through it, but when it’s said and done with and over?

You’ll feel on top of the world like I am now.

Many people out there hate me. Even more dislike me.

I could probably count on the finger of one hand and then some people who I’d consider true friends (and one of these said the following yesterday — “Man, I hope you survive!”).

You’re damn right Ricky.

And for someone that knows me since the age of 17, you know goddamn well I will!

And have . . .

Anyway, point of all this?

That when people dislike you, put you down, or tell you that you cannot do something — — the first reaction is to snarl back.

Or perhaps get irritated, and annoyed.

But the BEST thing to do is to (in most cases) smile and take the insults on board.

Rahul Mookerjee (www.rahulmookerjee.com).

“Hide your strength, bide your time!”

And as you do so, you’ll notice a certain strange power and assurance come over you.

And it is this power that will eventually sweep you to success at whatever it is you want.

Am I saying don’t get mad?

Hell no.

Do so But do so silently!

And then set out getting even.

The results of doing something like this will ASTOUND you, and I ain’t kidding one damned bit.

Oh my!


Rahul Mookerjee

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