Why I cannot STAND braggarts

Rahul Mookerjee
4 min readDec 23, 2021

Because to put it plainly, most are IDIOTS.

Unless it’s done in the guise of and under the guise of marketing, in which case I get it — but there is a skill to that too.

You might HYPE something, but if someone with BRAINS gets to the bottom of what you marketed, you had better be ready to BACK your shyt up, my friend.

In Fast and Furious Fitness, I wrote about how it’s always better to be the guy that can do pushups SLOWLY and in LETTER PERFECT FORM (this was before I put out my pathbreaking book “Pushup Central” — which is truly the Mecca and Medina for anyone interested in real pushups (I borrowed the term from Fast and Furious Fitness)) .. than the idiot who claims he can do 100 , and then slops out the reps.

Pushup Central

Slop is slop, sloppy is sloppy, for some reason, pushups attract a massive number of braggart who think bouncy tits style pushups, completely MANGLING the form on this great exercise count as “quick reps”.

No, they dont.

The form remains the SAME, whether you do it quick,or slow, fluidly, or stiffly.

And point of this — why I’m saying this?

I sent my list an email the other day about how bodyweight exercises are getting to be all the rage again, how people are getting sick and tired of escalating gym costs, finally “getting it during lockdown etc” that you don’t “need the gym to stay fit, get stronger — and in the best shape of your life) — how gym goers are themselves touting the massive benefits of bodyweight exercises, and this is great, but it comes with a downside.

A lot of these fools just talk.

A lot of these people, for instance, want to do pull-ups, keep talking about my corrugated core, but when it comes to themselves, they’re a big zero — and even when goaded to TRY, they never do, moving on to the next thing, not doing that either.

Napoleon Hill categorized these people in Think and Grow Rich, and all his books as “drifters” with no particular aim or purpose in life (ask these guys what they really want, you’ll get the rote “more money” shallow answers) …

In his book Outwitting the Devil, truly a hidden GEM; he speaks of how the Devil (i.e.failure, if you look at it plainly) takes hold of such people and employs them so adeptly and expertly i.e. those that cannot think for themselves, those that have no will, and so forth.

Both books above are well worth a read. No, I get not a single penny for recommending Hill, but not everything is about money, my friend.

Rahul Mookerjee in China after a workout

Anyway …

“I could do 40 dips before!”

“I can easily do 80–100 pushups! Just pushups!”

When you ask these people to do ’em NOW, there is always an excuse.

“I’m out of practice”.

“I just ate lunch!”

And so forth ..

My question to these fools is always, …

What can you do NOW?

Its great if you did it before, which I doubt.

But what about NOW?

Then the excuses start pouring out.

Perhaps that is why I named my entire business 0 Excuses Fitness!

Plain and simple.

https://0excusesfitness.com . The BOTTON LINE! Just DO IT.

I mean, maybe if you told me you ran daily in the Himalayan mountains, but cannot do it now due to travel restrictions, I get it — totally.

Some things are out of our control

But, things you CAN control, there is no excuse for not doing them, truly NONE my friend.

And, not to mention, I’ve noticed te true wise men — those that can do and not just run their mouths — they remain silent.

Much like me.

I’m never at a loss for words, and you guys KNOW this. Yet, I believe there are times you just listen and learn — and shut your yap.

That’s what I do when I listen to fools like this, and then talk about it LATER. Hehe.

And that being said, I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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