Why I aint interested in learning Chinese (even for free, for that matter)

“How can you not teach us for free”, he wailed “You guys learn it for free in America!”

Well, first thing pally, not all of us learn English for free in the U.S. or another country that is purportedly a native English speaking nation.

Does this look familiar (to those in the know)??
The great, and likely cranky as heck Mark Twain . . .
Ah, the fun of it all . . .

No why, as the Chinese themselves like to say, and when it’s accompanied by a freebie seeking piss and moan sort of conversation, then there are honestly few things that irritate me more which is why I bring it up.

No, ladies. Just because you have a pretty face doesn’t mean you get to rip me off for FREE. I’ve said this in the past and I’ll say it again (and no I ain’t implying all ladies are that way — but in mainland China, well . . . )

My cantankerous ass in full flow — and if ever this was warranted, it is NOW.



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