The “whose your guru” guilt trip

Rahul Mookerjee
7 min readMay 14, 2020

I still remember the irritated look on the woman’s face that Saturday afternoon in 2009 (or was it 2012, hehe).

I was driving down a narrow lane in India, and there was another car approaching from the other end. Being this was one of those lanes in the “back alley”, there really wasn’t any right way or wrong way in that case and what generally happened was the person who came into the lane first usually had right of way.

Not because of “might is right” but because of lack of any lane markings etc on the lane, and it being literally too narrow to allow even two tiny economy cars to pass next to each other.

Well, matters came to a head, and though the lady came second, she wouldn’t move.

And when I spoke to her in English she retorted in an annoyed, “tart” sort of manner.

“Don’t try and impress me with your English!”

It was a typically Nazi feminist response that had NOTHING to do with the price of fish in Germany as it were (you know the woman was nuts when other women around the scene would NOT support h er— and being I’m the big bad wolf I am, you don’t see THAT happening too often! Hehe) … but it did bring to mind one important “quality” that all the haters, tom tommers, time wasters, excuses makers and those that “don’t get it” (and don’t want to get it) have in common.

That being, the practice of hating or condemning that which one cannot achieve oneself, usually because one is too LAZY to do so (or too stupid to learn how).

For what it’s worth, my English abilities (at least my oral English as it it stands now) was not something (and I have to keep explaining this to folks in mainland China who think I got it on a platter) someone “gave to me” because I come from a “native English speaking country”.

First thing you know, the assumptions about my origin are usually wrong, and second, even if I WAS from what is considered to a native English speaking country, that wouldn’t necessarily guarantee I could communicate or speak any better than someone from another country for that matter.

An utterly asinine and illogical assumption, and one that leads up to the question the haters and “fault finders” often employ to obfuscate the point at hand.

When you bring up something that makes sense — and something that is logical, and calls out the other person on FACTS, they avoid said facts and turn around and “attack the messenger” by questioning “who their guru is”.

A lot of people make the mistake of revealing their sources if any, which is of course precisely what these trollish sort of people want.

They then turn around and obfuscate the initial point EVEN MORE … round and round, round and round, sort of like an unethical lawyer would do, until (they hope) the person in front of them making SENSE completely forgets what they started talking about it in the first place!

“Oh, so your gurus taught you that!”

“Huh? Gurus? What gurus?”

“Don’t try and fool me! I see you on the phone all the time with your gurus!” (this was said to me, a person that has such a deep dislike of phones that I don’t even HAVE a phone at home — and as for the dumphone, it’s always on silent!).

A guilt trip if there was one, and an utterly meaningless one at that, but designed to subconsciously make the other person feel “inferior” (although really speaking, the person projecting the inferiority is the one feeling inferior!).

And this is more common than you’d think, my friend, and usually stems from a deep seated feeling of inadequacy on the person’s part.

First off, even if what one was saying was to be “learned” from someone else, well, so what?

I don’t know a single person that knows it all from the minute they were born — do YOU?

I’ve freely credited Napoleon Hill, Claude Bristol and many others as the sources of my learning, but what the trolls don’t get is this — trying to demean a source doesn’t mean the source is wrong.

“Oh, that’s just a book!”

Well, no. It’s not just a book my friend. It’s a book yes — but it’s a book based on PRACTICAL principles and it was practical principles that enabled me, for instance to get in the best shape of my life — or to learn to communicate and write the way I do TODAY.

And if those practical principles that work — that anyone can learn — but most are too LAZY to do so causes the next person to bitch about “who did you rip off” (when I didn’t) — well so be it, hehe.

At least I’m learning from someone that’s been in the TRENCHES of life — for years. Someone whose lived through failures, and a lot of them before eventually succeeding.

Someone that knew that all success, was, at the end of the day temporary, and fleeting — and someone that famously made the comment —

“Success is a matter of never ending application. The minute you pause to rest on your laurels is the minute it takes WINGS and flies AWAY”.

(Claude Bristol in the Magic of Believing)

So true, my friend.

So true!

And most of all, whats wrong with learning from — or trusting — or both — your GUT, which is what I’ve done ALL my life in ANY dealing I’ve had?

Your gut is often a far better and spontaneous judge of what SHOULD be done, and what shouldn’t — and who to learn from — and who NOT to (and who to avoid, and who not to!).

The bottom line is this — if you’re arguing or discussing something with someone, and that person tries to draw you into the old non sequitur of “who does he learn all this from” — the best thing is not just to ignore it.

It’s to ignore it, and maintain laser SHARP FOCUS on the FACTS being discussed.

Ignore any and all attempts being made to obfuscate the issue, my friend.

Keep on, like Balaam’s ass I believe it was (or was it Jonah, hehe) stubbornly repeating the FACT until it is acknowledged — if it ever is, of course.

From a fitness standpoint ,what does this mean?

Rahul Mookerjee completing an “Advanced Hill Training” workout (

It means, for instance, that when people get pissed off at you telling your about your results, and how bodyweight exercises helped YOU achieve the results you wanted and get in the best shape of your life — with hard work, of course — then you’ll naturally be envied — and dissed.

That’s the price of success, my friend — at anything. The other crabs in the bucket will always try and drag you down to their level.

And if they do, the best thing to do ask them is this — what have YOU ever accomplished — or learnt in your life?

At least I’ve learnt something — and APPLIED that knowledge.

Can’t say the same about the hypocrite, or those that live to “find fault with others”, or “hate to cover up their own inadequacies”, hehe.

And usually, that is the only answer you’ll need to give them my friend.

At the end of the day, facts are facts, and results are results my friend. There are no two ways around this truism!

And in terms of fitness, the fact is that simple bodyweight exercises done in the privacy of your living room can literally get you in the BEST shape of your life — almost overnight, if you just keep an open mind, and DO the thing.

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System Rahul Mookerjee goes into great depth into exactly what exercises accomplish said result, and HOW you can use said exercise to get yourself in the very best shape of your life.

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Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. — Also and it goes without saying — recognize guilt trips for what they are, my friend. They are intended to upset the other person at an emotional level rather than logical, and are usually said when the other person isn’t free to respond back as he/she chooses to, and when the argument the other person is making is way, way beyond the comprehension of said naysayer. Believe me now and trust me later, staying AWAY from such arguments — or discussions — or people like that in general is indeed the way to go!

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P.P.S. — Last, but not least, stay away (as I do) from most so- called “gurus” — for a GOOD reason. More on this soon!



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