The law of REPULSION, and how to make it work for YOU.

Rahul Mookerjee
6 min readMay 5, 2020
Rahul Mookerjee on the way to a workout in the middle of the day!

Dear Reader,

They all talk about the law of attraction, don’t they?

How we attract what we want into our lives, willy nilly, seemingly effortlessly provided we visualize, put enough emotion into our thoughts, really really want it, et al.

In other words — where there is a will — there is always a WAY.

And truth be told, it is TRUE.

We do indeed attract what we want into our lives … and what we FEEL at a deepest level. What we obsess about.

The first thing we wake up in the morning and we think about (and the last thing on our minds before we go to BED). And while all of this is part of the indeed powerful law of attraction, there is another law out there which is equally powerful, and which will BLOCK the law of attraction if you aren’t using it already.

That being, the law of repulsion (and funnily enough, that is part of how to successfully activate the law of ATTRACTION).

What do I mean?

It means that by REPELLING what you don’t want — you automatically attract more of that to you that you DO want.

Call it reverse engineering, but it works, my friends.

Folks have often spoken about my brutally honest, down to earth marketing style — a candid way of stating facts that just flat out WORKS and in terms of my producrs it’s the same

My products have been complimented galore, and have been dissed as well numerous times, but the one thing no-one can say my products are — is this — FANCY.


They are the same as ME and my style. ALL my products and my writing focuses upon bringing you the information you need in order to better your life … in an easy to read, concise format that delivers RESULTS if you just use the information given to you.

There is no fancy shmancy stuff.

No long drawn out introductions, accolades, fancy pictures of me (or others) or so forth. In fact, most of my books (barring the fitness books, and for good reason) do NOT have pictures, and while the fitness books had color photographs, as of late, it’s black and white.

Even more bare bones as it were, and there is a good reason why, my friend.

I deal in fiction (more on that in a separate note) and info products, and NEITHER one of them lands themselves well to fancy shmancy stuff my friend.

And those that want fancy graphics, covers, “beautiful designs” etc for my books — — well, they’re going to be disappointed. Might as well look elsewhere.

Other hand, if you want information that works — flat out works — and delivers results to you within a short space of time — and is PROVEN to work — then Rahul Mookerjee and his products — all of them — ARE for you!

And it’s this biz philosophy that makes itself felt in my sales — my marketing — sales letters — and of course even my conversation and this article I’m writing to you right now.

ALL of it is tailored around that one central principle.

And if it repels those that are NOT in line with what I want, or what I deem my ideal customer to be so much the better. Trust me, any time you remove something from your life you truly do NOT want, a void opens up, and it’ll be replaced by something better, almost instantly.

Back in 2011, I started, and at that time I had no idea it would grow to what it has today.

Not an inkling. My only goal at the time was to build an email list and attract quality buyers. I knew very little about sales and marketing (well, at the level I do NOW) back then. While I wrote well (that is a talent I have but a skill ANYONE can develop), I didn’t have 20% or so of the writing I have out now, and certainly not at the level I do now.

And yet, miraculously, despite doing very little marketing my email list started to grow by leaps and bounds, and continues until TODAY.

We truly do attract what we want, my friend — if we repel what we DON’T want, and put in active effort into doing so.

In the case of email lists, that could be pruning the list on a regular basis (removing dead subscribers, or those that don’t get back to you, or those that are “inactive for ages”).

Eat More — Weigh Less — by Rahul Mookerjee

In terms of your personal relationships and friendships, if you see something that is a negative influence in your life — cut it out IMMEDIATELY. And you’ll see it being replaced shortly thereafter with something far better.

The above is a key factor to understand and apply not just in life, but in terms of business as well, my friend.

Often times, you’ll see people worried about “offending people” via their marketing — or perhaps their responses in business. Often times, you’ll people shy away from being who they are … who they TRULY are … because of fear of losing business, or “scaring away potential customers”.

True, to an extent you DO need to think about what the next person will think … but only an extent, and that ain’t much at all.

Personally (and this may be different for you, but that’s how I am, and that’s what I recommend to everyone) I could care two hoots less about offending folks and “losing business” so long as I remain true to myself, my values and what I believe in — and part of that is saying it like it IS.

Saying it like it, without fear of reprisal or “ridicule” or loss of business, and I truly believe this philosophy has allowed to me grow both business wise and as an individual and make real progress that would NOT have been made in the reverse case.

I’ve often been told to be politically correct back when I still worked a full time.

“You can’t be too honest!” I remember a certain person telling me with a mournful look on his face after the “latest” job didn’t work out.

Well, I call hooey on that.

Sure I can.

Sure, I lost the job — — but did I really WANT it in the first place? I think not, my friend!

And this same rule applied. Eventually, down the line losing the job led to hardship and then BENEFIT — the results of which I’m reaping until today (years and years later) — — and there are a ton of more examples I could give you in this regard, my friend.

Trust me — this one law is something you do NOT want to ignore — both in terms of life, and business!

I’ll write more about this and the law of attraction — as well as the law of GRATITUDE (another energy block for most people) in another post. For now, remember to be yourself — and actively work on repelling what you do NOT want in in your life — and you’ll find that slowly, the things you DO want start materializing in your life — with little or no “apparent” effort!


Rahul Mookerjee

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