The hidden key to financial stability

Rahul Mookerjee
8 min readJan 23, 2022

Dear Reader

This is a topic that should be of interest to most people — — especially in these times of uncertainty, job losses and the like — so listen UP.

We all want to experience financial stability in our lives, and truth be told this has got nothing to do with the current (almost) Depression or a few years ago, or even the “good times” or the so called “terrible times”.

Human beings in general strive for ACCOMPLISHMENT (and being RICH — or at least having enough to pay the bills) … or at least that is what people SHOULD be striving for if they aren’t already (and I’m just talking one goal here, not necessarily about you making it the be all and end all of your life).

But lets face it. Finances are important, and so is financial security, especially in today’s world where the vast majority of governments do NOT offer any handouts or financial aid of any nature (and truth be told, I wouldn’t want financial aid from the government even if or when it WAS offered to me!).

Though this is something we all WANT, most of us are not going about it the right way, my friend.

When the words “financial stability” are uttered, here is what comes to mind for MOST people …

- A “job” (preferably a “steady” job that gets you a nice cushy paycheck per month)

- Brown nosing and being politically correct to keep that job for as long as possible!

- Reliable and safe investments

- Gold! Ties into the point above, hehe

- Avoid being a “Jack of all traders” and be a “Master of one”, so to speak (so you can supposedly extend your expertise in that one area, and earn a lot more than the average Joe)

- Save, not spend!

- Put 10% of your income away into a “rainy day fund” … which you do NOT touch.

And so forth …

Rahul Mookerjee

The author Rahul Mookerjee on his way to a relaxing walk and a WORKOUT … in the middle of the day, when most are at WORK!

Some of these are good suggestions. Some excellent, especially the last — — a solid tip on attracting more money to your bank account, as it were. If you have money in an account, set it aside and don’t touch it, and guess what — it will slowly ACCUMULATE!

Some are nigh on ridiculous yet often parroted pieces of advice. The first two points come to mind. HA! If there ever two more USELESS bits of advice for those in today’s economy, I’m yet to hear it.

And good, bad or ugly … what most people miss and gloss over is this — MULTIPLE SOURCES OF INCOME!

And sources that preferably RECUR and work for you as you SLEEP, even.

Sound incredible?

Well, it’s really not my friend. And it’s true. Multiple and preferable recurring source of income ensure the following …

- That you never need to worry about getting canned from your main gig. You’ve got others on the side that make money too, and that you can ramp up if you so choose!

- Gives you the freedom and MONEY to get into business for yourself.

- Keeps the bills paid during tough times (or when you start a new biz which won’t make profit for a while). No worries … you’ve got others that do!

- WORK ONCE (and not as “hard” as you might think!) — — and earn income from that piece of work forever, and often on a recurring basis!

And more … but you get the point, I’m sure.

Ever wonder why movie stars, successful writers and singers and just about anyone that’s successful at business is RICH?

Well, first because they apply all the known PRINCIPLES there are in order to get rich, and if you’re interested in these — — then Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is a must read, my friend.

And one of these (or a sub point of one of these) is multiple and recurring sources of income.

Let’s take two examples.

You do an excellent piece of work (lets say writing, or an email that makes SALES) for your company.

Company rewards you with a big fat raise, and perhaps a percentage of the coin.

And then, come tough times a few months later they let you go.

… but keep earning money off the writing you did, say in the form of new clients that get attracted to the copy you wrote for THEM.

Now, contrast this with say a book you write, and SELL.

You not only make money every time you sell, which if you do right is forever, but you also get the opportunity to earn RECURRING income through future “referrals” or business otherwise gotten through that book.

For instance, lots of people think my main money comes from my fitness books and writings which I market heavily.

You couldn’t be more wrong, my friend.

While fitness DOES bring in the moolah on a regular basis, the fact is that my OTHER writing business — — something I have NOT marketed here at all for a few reasons — — sells a LOT more than my fitness stuff does as of now.

And believe it or not, I’ve done EVEN MORE writing for that venture than I have currently for my fitness ventures. That doesn’t mean the fitness venture won’t catch up, but it’s newer than the other venture, and if I didn’t have MONEY to keep me going while I work upon this venture, for instance, I likely would not have been able to do it full time (and I didn’t at a certain point in my life!).

Second, it’s the lure of working once, and selling forever, and making MONEY from your writing forever. There is an art to this, of course, and an art to both making the product work (and sell) and actually then selling / marketing it, but once you get those down pat, you’re all set.

Back to successful people and companies.

Look at Mc. Donalds. Their burgers may be the main draw, but they’re making money off other things too aren’t they?

Look at successful movie stars. They earn recurring income through profit schemes etc, often for LIFE on successful movie franchises, don’t they? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Think commercials, advertisements, people paying them hefty fees to consult, and so forth …

Compare all this with “one main job” that you’re tied to for a lifetime. This never made much sense even back in the day, but especially not NOW my friend, in these days when you can literally work for a company for years, and they’d can you without a second thought or look.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass, they’d probably say too!

And no, none of this is me telling you NOT to do the above. If you want to be a slave to your job, and stick to the “Mastery” theory, fine, but know this — very few people, if anything, master anything in their lives, and this isn’t due to incompetence.

It’s due to the nature of the game, and because any successful person knows that you never know it all, and that you’re always, always on LEARNING MODE!

Back to more income … the more knowledge, or close to specialized knowledge (that comes from being in the trenches so to speak) you have in any field — the more you can branch out into other related fields and make MONEY … often times on a recurring basis without extra effort.

And for all those of you that wonder how I maintain my caveman like, “work from the bedroom”, “work in my shorts” kind of lifestyle while having expenses to take care of and BILLS to pay, well, THIS is one main reason I can do it, and is indeed HOW I do it (my entire biz model is structured around this one concept).

I wrote a bit more about that here, but omitted to cover the recurring income part, so am doing so now here –

Last, but not least, lots and lots of people, family and friends have this idea that “making money shouldn’t be easy”.

Its insane, isn’t it?

Folks have bought into the idea that if you didn’t slog and labor hard enough for a certain amount of money, then you don’t deserve it.

The concept of “working smart, not hard” often gets a bad rap, and I’m here to tell you that’s baloney, my friend.

You could slave away at a job for years, and be canned, and have nothing to show for it.

Or, you could do business smart — create products that people WANT — write copy that makes them BUY … and get paid, month after month, week after week, and indeed year after year, and watch your income grow, all from the sanctity of your bedroom!

And trust me — the bank will take your deposits just as easily in either case. They’re not going to ask you how hard you worked for pennies, or how that fat royalty check came about. They’ll just take your money and CREDIT it … to you .. and if that isn’t enough motivation for you reading this to get going on your own stuff if you have not already, well, I don’t know what it is, hehe.

OK, my friend. That’s all I got to say about multiple and hopefully recurring sources of income and how they literally build an unshakeable financial base for YOU. I’ll have more on this later as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

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