The 80/20 rule — in life — and everything else — and how it applies to YOU!

Rahul Mookerjee
4 min readNov 8, 2020

And how you can apply it to YOUR life (which I hear you say “I know”. I know!), BUSINESS (I know, I know) and FITNESS (no, you might not know this one!


This morning I woke up at the grand ole hour of 1145 AM.

Didn’t get going until noon, and I saw a couple of missed calls from my buddy (who else could it be, hehe

) on the phone.

Now, you guys know I NEVER get on the phone. Except of course with very select people, and he’s one of them.

And he’s usually an early riser. Probably still has the habit from when he was back in the Marines . . .

But anyway, so I got the calls at around 415 AM and 530 AM I believe.

And yours truly was firmly in DREAMLAND at the time, ready to write down tons of new dreams upon waking up.

Today’s were disjointed. Hmm!

Anyway, so my point is?

My point is, well, the 80/20 rule.

And it applies to everything I do.

Broadly stated, in business, it means you’ll really achieve SUCCESS from that 20% of your customers as opposed to the 80%.

Speaks Volumes about why I do NOT price my books “cheaply” and cater to the MAJORITY. — sign up!

Sure, I’d make more sales, especially in this plague ridden biz environment. . .

But I don’t much care about the “majority” to be frank.

As I wrote about in the last email, being unconventional and doing what no-does, and treading (in many regards!

) where no-one would Even THINK OF GOING, or DARE to go has brought me the best results, and workouts are no different.

I used to have more patience with the people that questioned me on this, but these days, as I grow “older” — and feel younger, hehe, NO!

I’d rather cater to FIVE customers like Charless Mitchell, for instance, as opposed to 5000 or more of the majority that don’t get it, regardless of sales made/lost!

That’s just how I am, my friend regardless of the rule above.

It just so happens that the rule follows the same logic, for those of you that can think long enough past “immediate” sales to grasp the import of what I am saying here.

In life?

Same damn thing. Most of the people you meet won’t really be of any help to you in any way.

I’ve always touted having a TINY circle, and if you have studied lives of the successful, guess what. They had very few friends if any, but the ones they did have were REAL friends!

And of course, another detail you might neglect to notice is their ENERGY levels, and that pesky little topic of sexual transmutation Napoleon Hill addressed in Think and Grow Rich.

Many people complain that he didn’t explain it well enough.

Perhaps not, for the average person.

But those that live the lifestyle!

**** yes! He DID explain it well enough. It’s blindingly obvious actually . . .

Anyway, point being again you ask. Although to be honest I’v emade several great points above if you’re reading between the lines or even READING . . .

. . . is that same thing applies to fitness.

A select bunch of exercises are really what do it.

And everyone is different.

Could be Hindu squats for you, and climbing hills for me.

Could be Pushup Central workouts for you, and pull-ups for me!

You gotta find that “sweet spot” of yours.

And YES, you gotta choose from the RIGHT bunch of exercises to start with.

Choose the 20% that matter. That count. The real stuff. The biggies!

And then apply the 80/20 rule to THAT bunch.

And THEN WORK on the exercises that truly do count in all regards — for YOU!

I think you’ll be nigh amazed at the speed and rapidity with which youget solid results if you apply this rule not just to life, but workouts as well!

And there it is .

All for now. Back SOOOON!


Rahul Mookerjee

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PS #2 — Attaboy!




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