On sleep trackers, the belly of Buddha — and more!

Rahul Mookerjee
5 min readJul 11, 2020

Was browsing through the blasted smartphone “updates” — or I should actually say “chat app” updates and looking at the latest nonsense galore.

(Now, for those that know me, I’ve made no secret of my scorn of over-reliance on and addiction to technology — — and in case you don’t agree, well, thats fine, but today’s post should be a lot of food for thought anyway!;))

Scrolled past a ton of selfies, and a video of an obese man trying to stuff a Micky D’s burger down his gullet — and this man wasn’t just obese. He was SUPER OBESE — probably about 400 lbs at the least, and what he was eating obviously doesn’t help his condition.

What was somewhat hilarious about the video though (which I believe was a tongue in cheek effort at saying “I’m lazy — leave me be”) was that he had three cats and a dog all jumping up and down “vying” for a bite of the burger — and the cats managed to nip a few bites in while jumping up and down on his belly of Buddha (which of course “rippled” like tidal waves every time one of the cats landed on it).

“It’s my s***! Leave me alone!” (Boing — said as the cat nimbly grabbed a bite and sped off)

Hilarious — and yet so sad — and what the dude said to close things off was “This is what I deal with daily as I eat my food. You’d think I’d be a thinner person with these little ***** around”.

Yeah right … NOT.

The cats and dog themselves looked in decent enough shape — I’ve seen obese animals before with the owners feeding them all sorts of junk — but the only animal here being fed junk (willingly at that) was “manimal” if you get my drift, and just looking at him stuffing down that cheeseburger down made me shake my head and wonder …

Moving on past that, more selfies and other nonsensical updates on “what I had for lunch”.

I’ve never understood why folks post pictures of food they are — ostensibly “normal” food — do you?

I’m not a huge fan of selfies either as you can tell, so you’ll usually see the SAME one all the time, hehe (when you do see it).

I mean perhaps if you ate a crocodile with your bare hands — yeah — that would make a sight worth viewing, but simply posting pictures of a meal out at TGI Friday’s, or glasses of cold brew? Don’t particularly think THAT is a sight worth “sharing” for “novelty” — or is it?

Heck — maybe I’m just old fashioned — but anyway, so on past all that … I saw another update from a friend saying “I bought a sleep tracker recently”.

Huh? What? They’ve got devices to track your sleep now too??

I know they’ve got smartphone apps to track the number of steps etc you walk daily. I wore a little band around my wrist one day to track how many steps I walked during my 1:05 long workout (at the time) and I think it was around 20,000 or so.

More than what the average sloth potato … aka dude in the video, and others like “it” walk in a month or year I’m guessing. The only time some of these folks get up to walk is to go to the bathroom or “get another cold one” — and I’m NOT kidding.

Any other activity is limited to grabbing a fat hand out at the drive through’s at Micky D’s, or popping soda can tabs.

Anyway, I looked at some of the screen shots he posted.

Its apparently an app that tracks your sleeping patterns — what time you went to sleep — deep sleep patterns and how they compared to other using the app — a couple of nifty looking graphs — and other bits and bobs, along with “suggestions” on how to achieve better deep sleep if you aren’t already.

And at that point I put the darn phone down and plugged into the charging point which is presumably where I’ll leave it for the next few hours.

Gawd, the amount of junk out there.

Ok, smartphone related rant (albeit deserved in my opinion) over — but as far as sleep is concerned, it’s a proven and known fact that the majority of the population WORLDWIDE are having trouble falling — and STAYING asleep — at NIGHT.

And that’s not good for reasons you already know, my friend.

Even if you aren’t training hard, poor sleep or lack of it causes you to sleepwalk through the rest of the next day and sleep when you should NOT be.

Funny part is — most people don’t need near as much sleep as we’ve been “taught” we need — in fact less if you TRAIN right.

And eat right — but more of “training right” if you get my drift.

Don’t believe me?

Well — here is what yours truly does. I usually NEVER get to bed before 2 A.M. or so, and generally rise no earlier than 10 A.M.

If I’ve got things to do in the morning such as I do this week — I’ll rise at around 8:30 A.M., but NOT earlier than that — and guess what — my bedtime remains the same — and my workouts remain just as intense.


And after a full day, and a no-nonsense, FAT BLASTING — INTENSE routine — guess what.

I don’t take more than a minute or so to lop off to sleep when I finally hit the sack. If anything I’m OUT like a LIGHT and I stay that way until I wake up.

Point of me telling you all this?

You don’t need to buy “devices” to track the number of steps you walk, my friend. You sure as heck do NOT need to buy “sleeping trackers” and other “sleeping aids”.

The best way is to do it naturally — via INTENSE — REGULAR workouts that get the blood flowing, heart PUMPING, and your entire system working at a deeper level than it’s ever been worked before — and PROGRESSING regularly!

I mentioned the part about “sleeping like a log” (or something to that effect) on the 0 Excuses Fitness System sales page, and it’s NOT hype, my friend. It may sound like it, but it’s not.

When you do these exercises, you’ll need none of the other junk. ALL the benefits I’ve mentioned on the page are TRUE — and as far as sleep?

Well, let’s just say you’ll NEVER EVER have a problem falling asleep once you start working out the way I advocate, my friend.

No more sleeping “trackers” — no more “sleeping pills” — and certainly no more “Belly of Buddha”, my friend.

No frustration. No self esteem issues. An abundance of confidence and a feeling of being able to RUN THROUGH WALLS at a MOMENT’s NOTICE — these (and more) are but the tip of the iceberg here, my friend.

So if either one of the two examples I’ve mentioned above resonates with you — well — take action, my friend.

Get your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System — — https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/ and watch your health — — sleep — and LIFE transform for the better almost instantly.


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