On going to the “natural gym”!

Rahul Mookerjee
3 min readNov 24, 2020

Was on my way up a flight of stairs last night when I was stopped by some guys I vaguely know. They live in the same building that I do, so we often exchange pleasantries, kidding back and forth, and so on.

“You been out jogging?”, one of them asked me. (I was wearing shorts, so that was a question I expected).

“No”, I respond. “Better ways to stay fit than jogging for hours, though there’s nothing wrong with it if you enjoy it”.

“Ah, so you must have gone to the gym then, huh”, responds another dude, plucking at my shoulder. “How much weight do you use for your shoulder exercises” he then asked.

“No weight”, I responded.

He looked at me as if I’d said I could fly from the US to Antarctica within a matter of minutes.



The author, Rahul Mookerjee

“Well, how did you get those well built shoulders then? Everyone knows its not possible to develop the upper body well enough without a regular weight lifting schedule”.

I grinned, and didnt respond.

Then one of the other guys, who’d been quiet until now piped up.

“He goes to the natural gym”, smiling and looking at me for affirmation.

And while that wasn’t how I’d describe it, it was a pretty interesting term anyway — and he was on the right track. I smiled, nodded to the guys, and made my way back to my apartment.

Thats what I like best about my exercises — they confuse the average “gym rat” into thinking your doing something better than they are at the gym. Do these exercises regularly, and you’ll have folks thinking you spend all day at the gym, kill yourself lifting heavy weights, take pills — have some sort of magic diet, and so forth — the works.

While all the time your secure in the knowledge that you do NONE of that — you exercise with a minimum of equipment, and eat healthy — natural foods.

You exercise hard, but you dont spend all day exercising. And the results you get are usually FAR better than those gotten by the “I spent four and a half hours doing bench presses in the gym” dude you so often meet.

So, would YOU like to join the “natural gym”?

Would YOU like to get on the fast track to supreme fitness and health — without spending all day in the gym — and feel great for the rest of the day after you complete your workout?

I’d bet the answer to this is yes — and the only membership fees you’ll need to fork out is the ridiculously low ONE time price for Shoulders like Boulders. Far less than what you’d typically spend for a year long membership at the local health club — and whats more — this membership lasts for LIFE.

So, make the sensible choice, my friend. Sprint on over HERE now, and grab your lifetime membership to the “natural gym” NOW!

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