On building a business on “hate” … and more!

Rahul Mookerjee
6 min readNov 8, 2020

… And well, there’s more to it. Much more, and not just hate to be honest, hehe.

But as a friend of mine rightly said …

“I always believe a man is more defined by his haters than anything else!”

And he’s right, my friend. He’s right.

Spot on, more than he knew probably at the time (or maybe he “did know”).

Not purely on hate of course, but I gotta tell you this — HATE, my friend, and HATERS — — a lot of them, especially the wackos, el cheapo deapos, lowlifes and losers in general (in both life, business and everything) are ESSENTIAL if you’re to truly succeed at pretty much anything you do my friend.

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Long sentence that, but it’s TRUE.

Now, Dan Kennedy, that MASTER from whom we’ve ALL learnt (well, all of us annoying marketers, hehe) had this to say about hate.

Every time he got a hate filled email, a negative and baseless comment, or something utterly meaningless filled with hate he wouldn’t just smile.


He’d literally stand up from his chair, STOP whatever it was that he was doing at the time (yes, even writing!) — and he’s scream HURRAH. LOUDLY.

Very loudly!

At first, I didn’t quite understand this when I read it in the book.

But like all good books (Think and Grow Rich being one prime example) one reading isn’t enough. You have to read the book dozens of times and practice what it tells you to do before you can begin to grasp the IMPORT of the words therein.

Same thing with my books, for that matter. You cannot just read Pushup Central once and be done with it, for instance. It’s a lifetime companion, and that’s how it should be. Ditto for all my other courses as well.

But these days, as the number of names that I’ve been called (all uncomplimentary, hehe!) and the list itself swells to over 650 (yes, I’ve kept track

) . . . this makes more and more sense to me.

As it has been for the past few years. I’ve never actually stood up and screamed hurrah, but it’s not the action that counts.

It’s the EMOTION that action alights in your mind!

And for me, it’s sitting in my cave and having a few quiet chuckles at having “got ‘em” yet again.

Hey, Ben Settle wrote about it. Building a business on hate and being defined more by your haters than raving fans. And he was RIGHT.

He was right about a lot of other things too and as I look back, I realize I’ve been unconsciously following the same pattern of doing things as he does. For instance, building a business to YOUR specifications. As Dan Kennedy said.

Getting clients YOU want (again, Kennedy). And so forth.

I hate videos and photos, for one, but love to write, so guess why there are so many books, but not that many videos, and even the very exhaustive videos for the 0 Excuses Fitness System have been shot in the “cave”, hehe.

Anyway . . . back to “hate”.

Matt Furey, back in the early 2000’s released his version of the 1914 course (written by farmer Burns) “Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture”.

And the hate he got for selling it for $500 . . . oh MY!

Some of the threads on forums were PAGES long, and Furey, at that time still sort of new to the game would often wonder if he was doing the right thing, the amount of hate he was getting.

But and as all of us, including yours truly from the year 2017 that I started getting the comments about the REVAMPED version of the Gorilla Grip series understood, it wasn’t really hate.

And the schoolboyish and ongoing episode with “Bozo Schofield” (and the curious case of the Charles that seems to want to “enable his madness” regardless — although he DID say he didn’t want to hear from again, but actions count, and his actions seem to be the exact opposite of what he is saying) and of course many other episodes (most notably the time I wrote about why I would NOT learn Mandarin Chinese if you PAID ME TO DO SO) show me it ain’t really about hate.

Bozo Schofield, believe it or not, extended his version of an olive branch way back in March.

Which I obviously did not accept, as I don’t have relationships with scorpions . . .

. . . And once I didn’t take it, it was all gloves OFF.

How DARE he not take my olive branch, he raged.

And still does.

How DARE you call me out on your site!

Curiously enough, and this is hilarious, most of these nutjobs contradict themselves big time.

Nutjob Glyn, for one, says I have “two followers” and “no-one buys my books”.

And apparently one of those followers is him and one a shell account, so he isn’t even right about that since I instantly blocked him and his photo-op session on Twitter . . .

When I wrote the aforementioned article about not learning Chinese if you paid me to do so, the criticism ran pages long.

One fine lady chimed in (amongst many others).

“I hate you Americans! You’re all racist! “

And there were two voices of reason amongst all this.

One, a quiet chuckle from a guy that said “Hey guys. You’re making a big deal out of nothing!”

And second, the guy that responded to the above lady.

“He’s racist for saying he doesn’t want to learn Chinese, but what you said isn’t racist?”

Needless to say lady never responded …

Anyway, past the schoolboyish tom tomming (self tom tomming) and hate filled words, the VIBE behind the words as I’ve often said is what counts, not the words themselves.

It’s HOW you say it.

Not WHAT you say, so much . . .

At least for me!

And JEALOUSY is the vibe that stands out big time both bozo Schofield and perhaps a little for my buddy Charles who famously made the “you’re a one man show!” comment back in January (admittedly for a different biz tho).

Hey, guys.

If I truly have no followers, no-one follows me, no-one reads what I say, then why would you get your knickers in a twist for me “whistling Dixie out my ass” ?

The point begets. Think about it, hehe, if the brains at “Braniac Central” still work.

It’s jealousy.

How dare he!

How dare he break out of the “loser” bucket we associated him with!

Remember the “Crabs in a bucket” and the ONE crab that gets out, and the rest trying to pull it back in which I’ve written about?

And so forth . . .

Anyway, this has gone on for long enough so let’s stop here.

Except . . .

It applies to fitness too!


Your current fitness levels and success is defined more by how much you do the activities you “hate” to do.

When slogging up the hill five times a day in blazing heat, the LAST thing on my mind was success of any form.

The LAST thing I was thinking about was books and courses.

ALL I was thinking about was getting her done, and getting back to air conditioning, and cold water!

But I did it, day after day, year after year.

Ditto for my 2000–2500 jump rope workouts daily. A lot of times I don’t like to do ’em, especially not in a cauldron like I do.

As Charles said, I don’t know how you can keep working out in that heat!

Well, that gumption is what seperates men from the boys my friend.

Results from no results (and the Belly of Buddha hanging down to one’s nether regions, replete with man tits. Not you, but you get the drift and who I am referring to . . . ).

And really, success from NONE.

Chew on that for a while, and let me know what you think!

Best ,

Rahul Mookerjee

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