On being an “American dawg” and more . . .

Rahul Mookerjee
8 min readJun 17, 2020

It’s indeed a dog eat dog world, ain’t it?

And as the latest on a very very long list of names I’ve been called (except in this case, the whiner and moaner who was doing the name calling was referring to a country apparently as opposed to just yours truly), this one is the latest.

An American dog (apparently in response to a post about “sheeple” where some Chinese snowflake got pissed off at me calling “Chinese people sheep” which I never ever did)

Although I do have to say, dogs, sheep, sheep dogs . . . ah, but I best not go there, hehe.

Anyway, my Dad once told me when I was bitching about my salary once being late (way the hell too late) at my FIRST Job in 2003 . . . (and when I was fixing to go to the big boss to whom I reported directly at the time) –

“Don’t complain! Just let them do what they want! “

My response — “Ok, but salaries are supposed to be paid by the 5th. It’s now the 14th…” (and so it was).

Now, I loved that job, and the boss as well so this isn’t by any means any sort of attack on the job, but at the time, well, I wanted my salary. End of story.

“They’ll just fire you!” when I spoke of going to the Labor Department.

At the next job, when I was laid off, and threatened to do the same “Don’t waste your time! They’re a company. You can’t win!”

Yeah. Right.

In the first case, I said it anyway, and nothing happened (if anything, I got my money).

Second case, I couldn’t do what I said because of a technical loophole (company was clever enough to lay me off before two years formally ended and thus I couldn’t lodge a formal complaint with the Hong Kong labor bereau).

Or maybe they weren’t, and maybe that’s just how the dang cookie crumbled.

And . . . Uncle Bob in the mainland uttered those famous words once (not in a negative sense mind you) — “The nail that sticks out usually gets hammered the most, and first”.

HE should have added, and I would, ultimately is the person that people go to when they want the FACTS, unabridged and undiluted, straight from the horse’s mouth, and more — but this isn’t about that.

This is a long ass post, much longer than my normal posts, so if that isn’t your thang, please click away NOW.

This involves a lot of politics (actually, common sense). I don’t generally get into politics on here, and DO get into common sense almost all the time, so take your pick — read at your own peril!

Most of all though, this is about keeping it real and calling a spade a spade.

With the recent going ons on the border between India and China, I was initially going to call this post India, China and more for obvious reasons, but I figured I’d change the name after being very brutally attacked for some of my candid comments on the issue.

(Actually to be honest, because the American dog comment I got was so hilarious that I just had to make the lady (someone named “Mia” apparently) famous. )

Here they are, from the horse’s mouth again –

These sneaky fucks haven’t just been planning it for MONTHS. It’s been going on for YEARS.

Every year, they sneak out and salami slice not just our territory — but intrude upon Vietnam, Philippines, and ALL their neighbors (and parts of their OWN country, and the entire world KNOWS which parts aren’t even theirs to begin with. They WERE ANNEXED due to (admittedly, in part) Indian stupidity in the late 1950’s and other reasons).

And neither is HK or any of the other areas claimed entirely happy with their rule (and that’s putting it lightly). And no neither is Taiwan part of the mainland. It’s a separate nation, and its just that simple.

Like it or not, those are the COLD HARD FACTS of the matter, mi amigo.

If there EVER was a nation that pointed fingers at others while ITSELF NOT take a long hard, look in the mirror — it is China. Is there ANY OTHER NATION today that has so many disputes with it’s OWN neighbors??

You guys (China) bring up America in every damned discussion, but the FACT is that the US doesn’t have long standing disputes with any of it’s neighbors — if anything, the US has HELPED the rest of the world for ages and got exactly squat all in return!

Trump is DEAD ON RIGHT in his America FIRST policies.

Anyway, 20 of ours — and 43 of yours. And you’re goddamned lucky we didn’t take the rest of the platoon down too! (and this is without the BRAHMOS being brought into action, and any other real deployments being made).

And no, I could give a crap less if my WeChat or any other sociam media “shmedia” account gets banned. I’m sick and damned tired of China bullying it’s neighbors, and we are FINALLY standing up and giving them a befitting response, and then some (and this WITHOUT the Indian military really showcasing it’s real might . . . ).

I’m sick and damned tired of Chinese being allowed to say what they like globally and when someone else says it — apparently it’s racist. Get real folks. What is good for the goose is good for the GANDER, and that’s just how it is!

China — we don’t want WAR. Let me repeat, we DO NOT WANT WAR, but we will NOT TOLERATE illegal military construction in OUR LANDS, on OUR SIDE OF THE FRIGGING BORDER. Go the **** back home, and do NOT intrude upon others land!

And that’s really as simple as it gets. It’s unfortunate that China has to be the weepy juvenile in the room every damned time, but bratty juveniles get dealt with evenutally, and so will China (at long last).

#china #ChinaIndiaStandOff #gooseandgander

To this, I got the above response (i.e. I’m an “American dog” and how dare I call the chinese sheep — did I? I perused the post, but couldn’t find it!), and a slightly better worded response which claimed the following –

“If u want a war, then just do it, we wont afraid and we still will win just like 1962. And maybe this time we will not stop after we fight u back to ur territory. Btw: Don’t compare China with the US. The US as colonial power has no so called territorial disputes. China has more than 4100 years of history. We will not provoke your domestic affairs, but please respect China and do something like a friend but not idiot”.

There was more (something to do with HK and Taiwan which I’m leaving out as this post has become too long already).

But really dude.

If there ever was an example of people getting their panties in a wad and the pot calling the dang kettle black, THIS IS IT.

First, the Chinese have been intruding into everyone’s territory for years, not just ours. It’s only that we’re finally DOING something about it (kudos to the Modi government for having the balls to smack ’em right back where it hurts) and apparently the Chinese don’t like it.

Where was the friendship before that? Not only that, what about Vietnam and the Philippines? Do friends steal islands from each other? Do they sink their friends boats regularly? Do they go into other people’s territory and BUILD MILITARY INSTALLATIONS — — and then have the TEMERITY to say it’s their right to do so?

Do “friendly countries” send fake masks — and masks made of underwear, no less, to their friends (Pakistan)??

(NB- No, I’m not a huge Pakistan fan either, but the fact is what I stated above, and for those that don’t believe me, well, research it or click the link I provided).

Do they send masks and kits that don’t work more than half of the time they’re used (see HERE, again).

Do they stockpile masks, ventilators etc in advance knowing this would happen . . . ah! But wait.

I hit upon a nerve there did I not?

I mean really. A country that KNEW about the blasted COVID, did EVERYTHING it could to cover it up (including censor their own citizens which is par for the course for them, of course and put some in jail and then take advantage of the situation to “solidify” their suppression of Tibet, Hong Kong and other regions in the country) . . . and then they cry Mommy when someone RIGHTLY terms this to be a CHINESE VIRUS?

The POTUS is dead on RIGHT when he calls this the Chinese virus. I don’t see the same reaction though when we refer to the Spanish flu as the Spanish flu — — do YOU? Pot calling the kettle black, to say the least??

Just who does China think it is?

As for your 4100 years of history of copy, paste, loot, pillage and so forth and the suppression of your own citizens, and the recent arrests (and ongoing) of Chinese trying to steal state secrets and so forth, well, the facts speak for themselves my friend.

Not to mention that Tai Chi comes from India, and so does yoga, and so does the number zero, all things you seemingly take credit for and the wishy washy liberals nod their heads up and down and agree . . .

And last, but not least, not provoking domestic affairs?

Last I checked, Kashmir was a part of INDIA. Article 370 was an INDIAN matter, and NOT a matter for anyone else, and the Chinese jumped in to support their old friends Pakistan (who don’t have a leg to stand on anyway when it comes to any of this).

Pot calling . . . ah, but I said that already, didn’t I?

What is good for the goose is good for the gander, my friend. If you’re going to piss and moan and claim the whole world is against you, bully your neighbors (or attempt to do so) into submission, renege on agreed upon treaties (HK, Macau etc) . . . well, I suppose you can do it — but DON’T be surprised when someone else comes and does the exact same thing to YOU!

Anyway, enough of that. It’s high time that someone stood up and did something about their aggressiveness, and it’s finally been done. And good on the powers that be for giving the Indian Army emergency powers to deal with the situation as they see fit.

And since the Chinese seem to be finally withdrawing back into their own territory, well, I’m going to end this here too. FWIW though, those are my thoughts on the situation!

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Rahul Mookerjee

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P.S #2 — As for not comparing China with the U.S, isn’t that precisely what the jingoistic CCP has been trying to do for years? And here you are ostensibly “supporting” your country and saying the precise opposite. I mean, really dude. Get REAL. Ah, but I get it. Tall task to expect of the SHEEPLE . . .



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