Milo and the calf

Lets say, for instance, that you have a goal to drop 50 lbs. (Yes, that ain’t an extreme as it sounds given today’s fitness and conditioning levels and obesity levels, etc).

You look at the scales. You’re currently 70 lbs overweight.

The story of Milo and the calf — progressive “training” at it’s best, if there ever was!

Honey, you have to do incrementally more difficult things in order to get BETTER — not just at math — but in LIFE.

If you keep sticking to the easy things and your comfort zone, you’ll never ever improve. Sure, the other members of the household at this point might not really push you to do anything outside your comfort zone. They never did ME in many regards either . . . but this is not conducive to learning or improving at anything.

And from my six year old’s reaction, you might as well have thought I was talking to the clouds, or in the clouds!

The legendary “Milo of Croton” … !
The world famous “Pull-ups -from DUD to STUD — within a matter of WEEKS” — by Rahul Mookerjee. Available at

Want to achieve more and greater success?

Then step outside that comfort zone, my friend.

Moral of the story — and all these stories, to be fair?

One, break the task down into manageable chunks. Eat the bear, but ONLY one bite at a time!



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