Memories — and HAPPY feelings that last a LIFETIME

Rahul Mookerjee
7 min readJun 14, 2020

And why the same is KEY to achievement . . . and “manifestation” of future goals or desired OUTCOMES in ANY sphere of life . . .

Yes, my friend. You heard me. It (life) is all about emotion, and the things we DO succeed at ; truly succeed are almost always (nay, ALWAYS) the things we put a LOT OF PASSION INTO — either with or without knowing it (consciously).

Have you ever noticed that the things that come true in your life are the things you think about the MOST?

The things you REALLY WANT the most?

I don’t mean they come into your life instantly, but if you “rewind” your life, what has come true consistently over the years, and why?

For me, one of the “things” has been China, and the second, the almighty HILL that Miss Lee introduced me to wayyyyyyy back in 2005, and that became a part of my LIFE ever since.

In 2015, due to a strange “whirlwind” like amalgamation of events I was drawn into a hurricane of sorts in terms of life, and the other person going through it with me at the time made this remark while I was driving with said person in the passenger seat.

No matter what happens, it will be GREAT memories for both of us down the road!

And I don’t know if this was the Universe’s way of alerting me to what was to come — both in terms of fitness, life, and me finally getting down to doing my own thing and making a damn good “fist” of it (as opposed to before).

It probably was, now that I think back and see . . . that was definitely one of the major turning points of my life!

But anyway, back to FEELINGS, and EMOTIONS.

When you think about things that truly matter to you, and ATTRACT those things to you, you aren’t working with logic my friend.

Like it or not, you’re attracting, or not based upon EMOTION. Everything happens in a life for a reason, and nothing is “random”. No coincidences or anything of that nature, and despite the esoteric nature of what is being spoken about here that my friend is a FACT, and a SCIENTIFIC one at that.

And while I speak about visualization a lot as being KEY to attracting what you want out of life, the fact is THIS.

You simply WILL NOT — I repeat, WILL NOT — ATTRACT that which it is you really want to yourself if you don’t FEEL STRONGLY about it!

I repeat, if it’s not something you feel strongly about either way then a) its probably not right for you, and b) it ain’t gonna happen most likely (and again, for a reason!).

And while there are other cardinal rules to the Law of Attraction, THIS here rule is probably #1 in the rule book.

Visualize, but do so with EMOTION!

Every morning when I wake up, I have certain thoughts — and after those thoughts, a certain melody starts to play in my mind — a melody I’ve heard often in the past — and a melody I’ve written about before.

Regular readers will probably guess what this is about. You on my list probably know it already! ;)

YES, it’s THAT melody that I heard in China — played on the loudspeakers in the park (in the late afternoons) while I used to train there — almost all alone, and yet not — at peace with myself, and out there in Nature, feeling the spring sun upon my back as I trained.

A wonderful, wonderful feeling, and I’ve written before the wonderful, uplifted feeling I had EVERY time I heard those slow, lilting tunes.

Oh my. Almost done transported me to another world as it were … and I’m IN that world as I write this to you now, my friend.

I’m stretching my hamstrings out after a tough hill climb. I’m thinking about my daughter — — some of my friends — — and I’ve got this HUGE cheshire cat grin on my face — — which by the way has got NOTHING to do with the smashing workout I just got through.

The old man I’ve referred to so often is coming up the stairs — — slowly, but surely, and I’m looking forward to greeting him.

A lady that does a lot of yoga like movements that would put the average yogi/yogini to shame within a jiffy is preparing to pack her things up and leave.

And in general — — as the clock ticks 3:30 or so, the song fades out, only to be replaced by another … and all is SUPER WELL in my world as I descend them stairs, say hello to the rambunctious (one of them!) security guard, and prepare to head home.

(After a solid sprint session, but thats beyond the “meat and bones” of this post!)

The mighty HILL that inspired many a workout, and then some!


Did I just type all that? Did I just say what I did?

Seems I did — and I said it for a purpose as well — that purpose being to remind you that our past, present and (most importantly) our FUTURES — are nothing more than what we create in our minds for ourselves — whether we know it or not.

You can liken it to a movie — — and you can literally “cut out” parts you don’t like — — and choose to “make your own mental movies” with ONLY the parts you like — — and focus upon THOSE for the future.

And though I’ve spoken about this at length before, some folks still don’t “get it” — so I’m mentioning it again.

Believe me, Wallace D. Wattles had it SPOT on when he spoke about doing things a “certain way”.

That certain way doesn’t just mean move your hands here — — or sit there — — or any such “rum drum” things you might think of.

No — it means to go into your memory banks — and infuse whatever you are doing NOW — with the same PASSION, INTENSITY and FEELING you had in the past when you succeeded at something — — or the same passion you have for your goals — — or whatever — — and do so in a “happy” mood!

And while the logic of that is easy to comprehend, the “feeling” part is the most important, my friend.

You can “think” you’re doing things a certain way — — but until you “feel yourself doing things a certain way” and “feel” good — — it ain’t gonna work.

And the way to tap into that immense reservoir of feelings — — emotion — — and raw, untapped LATENT POWER we ALL have inside of us is to visualize correctly and with DEEP EMOTION!

Training time has often been my happiest times, even in weather that most would consider to be GRUELING and “not fit to exercise outdoors” and then some . . .

(Just me, my body, my workout . . . and me ALONE! It’s a feeling that truly cannot be beat, except by the TRIUMPHANT FEELING AFTER THE WORKOUT — at having gotten another great one in! )

I’ve often had dreams of passing by an immense, calm, yet flowing lake (or perhaps river) of sorts — — and in that dream I’ve seen the outline of a croc as well.

My “dream self” noticed this. Hey, that looks like a croc hiding underneath all that water!

A few steps later, that “mass” in the water revealed itself to be a gigantic croc — hiding under the water — a metaphor, and an apt one if any, which reveals the hidden POWERS of our subconscious — literally way, way more than anything we can imagine.

Anyhow, how does any of this relate to fitness, you might ask?

Well, simple — you don’t just “go through the motions” when you’re doing a 0 Excuses Fitness workout, for example.

When you’re doing pushups, or putting yourself through the wringer in terms of getting to 500 Hindu Squats at a go — you don’t just “do the thing”.

You do the squats — the pushups — with FEELING — INTENSITY — while keeping your ultimate goal in mind!

And you do so when you have a good FEELING going on — — and truth be told, the deep breathing that I repeatedly emphasize so often makes you get into that “feel good” state almost as soon as you start your routine.

Folks often speak of “runner’s high” or other artificial highs that you get from substances such as alcohol, tobacco etc.

Fooey. All of the above ain’t NOTHING when compared to the natural high you get from breathing and performing certain exercises correctly — — and the best darn exercise there is is a PRIME example of this, mi amigo.

So thats today’s tip — albeit a somewhat long one.

When you’re doing something — or about to do something — always, always, pay attention to your breathing — and your emotions while you’re doing that thing.

And if you’re not in the right frame of mine — visualize and GO BACK into the past until you ARE. Believe me, the results are well worth it. And it’s easier than you think, especially once you get the “how” part down pat!

Make this a part of your life, just like the next breath you take — and you’ll notice the changes taking place almost immediately if you do it right.

Ok, thats enough for now. Chew on that a bit, and let me know what you think!


Rahul Mookerjee

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