Just DO it!

Rahul Mookerjee
9 min readMay 25, 2020

by Rahul Mookerjee

If there is one central tenet to all of which I teach, and all of what I do — it is this — JUST — DO IT!

BE it — feel it — and then just do it!

Simple yet BRUTALLY effective — much like yours truly. There is good reason behind this being the SITE logo for 0 Excuses Fitness.

If you want to do something, and if that something is within reason and right “for you” (and this isn’t mine — this is from Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich) — then just go ahead and DO IT!

The time will never just be right. The world will never “align” as you want it to.

If you want to start that business, now is the best time.

If you want to re-connect with an old friend, well, don’t stop and think about it for ages. Just do it!

And if you want to write something — as I am to you, hehe, then don’t spend donkey’s years ruminating over it. Put pen to paper, just do it, and be DONE with it. Hehe.

And that don’t mean it’s a task writing to you. I enjoy it, as I do all my other writing!

But there is good reason behind the “just do it” philosophy, but first, a little story.

As Napoleon Hill famously said, the time will NEVER be right. So — just DO IT!

A while ago I was in a conundrum of how to extend a short term visa that I had for China (which of course I later replaced with a much longer term one).

It was a business visa, and yours truly was temporarily living on it in China — — which while not illegal by any means falls into a sort of ‘grey’ area.

Now, Chinese visas for those that are wondering function differently from those issued by say the U.S. or Canada to foreign nationals.

In the latter case you get a visa which is VALID for a certain length of time, but the length of stay per entry depends ENTIRELY upon the immigration officer stamping you in.

For instance, you may get six months on your first entry to the U.S. on a ten year tourist visa (many Chinese nationals have these) — — but if you simply make a trip back to Mexico in a day and back to “reset” the period of stay and attempt to get another six months, chances are the person stamping you in will say “contrary to the terms of the visa” and NOT give that length of stay, or anywhere even close.

They may even cancel your visa, and with valid reason.

But Chinese visas have a period of stay mentioned ALONG with the duration the visa is valid.

This applies to regular tourist and biz visas which usually have a 60 day stay period after which you have to leave the country and re-enter if you so choose, but the stay can be as short as 15 days per entry or as long as six months. All depends . . .

And HERE is the thing, since the duration of stay per entry is mentioned on the visa, so long as you’re not doing anything that is outright illegal, and following all laws that you must, then there is usually no problem entering right after you just left. In fact, many a border port between China and Hong Kong (a SAR for those that don’t know — a special administrative region with different immigration than that of mainland China and technically a “foreign country” though not practically) has been set up pretty much for just THIS purpose it seems . . .

But the Chinese are trying to crack down upon it as of late.

They do NOT want people staying on on tourist and biz visas for one and doing paid work (which is ILLEGAL — hear me out all those of you that are teaching English in China on biz or tourist visas — it is ILLEGAL) and NOT paying tax, for one, and I can’t blame the “People’s Republic” for that.

No country wants foreigners staying and doing illegal things, and China ain’t an exception to this rule either.

Now, if you’re actually doing BUSINESS — and in my case I have China related businesses, it’s a different thing, but its always better to crystallize that biz formally and get a resident permit because in that case you have no “length of stay” per entry stipulation. You stay for as long as the permit is valid, and renew after that, and its just THAT simple.

Anyway, my visa had this marked on it “Enter before” (and then the date).

So technically, I could leave a few hours before mid night of that date, and get an extra 60 day stay on the same visa — and all perfectly LEGAL and within the terms of the visa, since each entry on that visa gets a fixed max duration of stay.

And that final stay gave me enough time to apply for a newer and different visa, but at the time, I was hemming and hawing over whether I should do it.

My friend Charles who told me about 10 times to just stop thinking and do the “visa run” as it’s commonly called over there finally had enough, I believe, of my hemming and hawing.

He’s a fairly laidback guy, but at the border, as I was wondering if I should do it, and if they’d allow me re-entry and all sorts of rubbish which I had NO reason to be worried about whatsoever for the above specified reasons were coming to mind.

My gut told me to do it, but for once, I wasn’t listening.

“What if this happens”

“What if they don’t let me re enter?”

What if the sky falls down and the Hong Kong border closes, and . . .

And other such illogical things were what I sent Charles via text, and he sent this back finally.


And I did, and there were no problems whatsoever, as expected. Hehe.

So as you can see, even yours truly needs a kick up the backside every once in a while in this regard. Hehe.

Now, why do I mention this story?

Well because just doing it is closely intertwined with following your gut which makes far better decisions than your conscious mind ever could, and I’ll explain why beneath.

But for now, let me just tell you that the benefits of just doing it go WAY, way beyond the obvious (i.e. what I’ve mentioned above). It ain’t just about visa runs and other such B.S. — it’s about LIFE.

And the important things in LIFE.

In the above, it was a matter of me “buying more time” until I got a new visa, which I eventually did.

But (and again) “just do it” has more manifold impact in your LIFE and BUSINESS than just that!

I’ve spoken many a times about following my gut feeling and doing what I FEEL is right.

Logic often takes a very prominent back seat in MOST of my decisions, and guess what.

Nine times out of ten I have been vindicated, and my decisions have proven to be FRUITFUL and right for me in the long term which is what really counts.

Sure, the way to our goals may be sometimes convoluted, but we always get there provided we trust the SUBCONSCIOUS and the plans it makes for us to get to where we truly want to be.

Claude Bristol said it best in the Magic of Believing, that sometimes, your problem (goal) might be one that cannot be solved in the form of a “blueprint” guiding you step by precise step to your destination.

Sometimes, you may have to make several wrong turns — U turns, and thereabouts to get to your ultimate goal.

And as he said, sometimes what the subconscious tells you to do in terms of action may sound impractical or downright silly at the time, but to regard it as such would be folly of the highest nature.

The great Claude Bristol had this to say in the “Magic of Believing” . . .

Do not question the WISDOM of the subconscious, he says.

Just do it, and obey the subconscious, and one day you will find yourself living the life of your dream, doing the work YOU wanted, in the position you wanted, provided you TRUST the subconscious fully.

The subconscious mind does NOT take the time to work for those that don’t trust it fully, my friend, and when you live by gut feelings, the “just do it” axiom becomes more important than ever.

And this philosophy has always served me well, including situations where even Harry Houdini would probably have found it hard to get out of from a logical standpoint!

Situations where I had no cash for a commitment, none at all, but I went ahead and just did it and COMMITTED and made up my mind to somehow get the cash — and lo, within a very short span of time, I not only got the cash, but MORE than what I bargained for.

Situations in which I had NO idea how things would proceed, but I followed my INSTINCT and gut and just did it — and things didn’t just turn out OK. They turned out great!

And so forth.

On all of these occasions, if I had stopped to pause and consider the validity of the decisions I took at the time, I would have probably not done the thing and would probably have been worse off for not doing the thing as I am NOW.

(And in the “visa run” case above, I would have probably lost a 60 day stay which I was perfectly entitled to per my visa!)

And that, my friend is why I live my entire life — and indeed run my fitness biz and others along the “just do it” brand of philosophy.

This morning I had a lot of writing to do, and while I was doing it, I was in a hurry due to some other things.

Time was flying by. So much to do, such little time in which to do . . .

And rather than get frazzled and annoyed and irritated which I was beginning to, I did the unthinkable.

Despite having piles of “work” and writing to do, I shut down the ole ‘puter.

Paced around the room. Made some puh-er tea.

Took a few deep breaths.

And hammered out a quick and dirty five minute workout that left me soaked in sweat and that I’ll write about on the 0 Excuses Fitness website soon.

And I felt great. Boy did I feel great.

And that’s the way I live life my friend. If I want to do something, I just do it. I don’t stop and ask whether others will approve — or whether it’s the right time — or whether or not the fifteenth star in the nineteenth solar System will align before I do it.

I just do it!

And I feel great now, and I’ve gotten down with the BULK of my writing.

My workday has been about two hours as of now, and that doesn’t look likely to change, hehe. Once I get done writing this I’m pretty much done for the rest of the day until tonight when it’s time to send out another email to my list, and then push that out to my followers on social media etc (something which I’m moving away from btw — so if you’re following me on social media, that’s something to note) and then I’m DONE.

Maybe I’ll write another piece on here. Maybe I won’t hehe.

It all depends on how I feel.

And that’s the message I want to give you today.

Just stop “thinking” and just do it my friend. NOW.

It might just be the best darn decision you ever made!


Rahul Mookerjee

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