Inspiration often strikes . . . without warning!

Rahul Mookerjee
5 min readJun 15, 2020

Dear Reader,

Thomas Edison I believe it was that once made the famous comment “Ideas come from outer space”!

I believe this was when he and his team were hard at work trying to build the electric bulb (those were the days, eh? Hehe- seems unbelievable in today’s day and age, and yet . . . ) and simply couldn’t do it for the life of them.

It’s been widely noted that Edison tried to build the lightbulb about 10,000 odd times before finally succeeding on the 10,001'st try . . . and while I’m not entirely sure as to the veracity of the numbers, the tale is true, and speaks testament both to Edison’s persistence, and the sheer value of the quality of persistence.

Anyway, so Edison lay down after hours of hard work on the bulb. The team labored on.

They were all exhausted . . .

The solution appeared NOT to be coming . . .

And then suddenly, out of the middle of nowhere, early Tuesday morning I believe, the solution was found . . . again, as I said, seemingly out of nowhere!

And it is in THIS manner- creative problem solving and “tuning into oneself and the Universe” that most of the world’s major “conundrums and mysteries” have been resolved, my friend.

’Tis true my friend- I don’t care if we’re talking the Wright brothers, or the famous Ford story of persistence w.r.t the 8 cylinder motor, or anything of note.

Rahul Mookerjee doing the neck bridge — a great workout, and lots of blood flow to the brain as well to keep them ideas coming!

It’s that ONE STROKE OF INSPIRATION that solved it all . . . and while Edison’s famous comment about ideas holds true, what he didn’t mention is WHAT to do when inspiration strikes, and how to be on the ready for it!

Often times, you’re pondering a problem at a conscious level and you give up on it temporarily, unable to solve the problem.

You then go away, and do something else, or focus your attention on other tasks . . . and then suddenly, while your mind is pre-occupied with something else, you get an idea. Sometimes seemingly insignificant, but an idea nonetheless that prompts you to take action, and when you do, voila- problem solved!

Such is the power of the subconscious, my friend!

I’ve often spoken the power of dreams, and how my dreams have literally predicted certain occurences- certain DANGERS- and even given me the names of people I didnt know from Adam at the time of the dream, but ended up meeting weeks later anyway!

And I’ve often gotten IDEAS in dreams.

Thing is though, these ideas are slippery.

Good, but slippery as an eel, and that is one reason I always have a notebook next to my bed to write down my ideas as and when they come so that they don’t slip away.

Believe me, those first few minutes after a vivid dream are the BEST time to write down those ideas which are often times far better than any you’d get from hours of “conscious thinking” as it were!

And funnily enough, although you’ll forget dreams in a jiffy (most, anyway) I have never forgotten a single dream after writing it down, even years after having it!

There truly is a connection between putting words down on paper (NOT with a computer, but pen and paper) and strengthening the neural pathways of the brain . . .

Anyway, I generally have a lot of ideas when I’m pumping out my writing, but thats obviously not a time to think about anything else other than my writing.

Often times I’ll have ideas to write about other things as I’m writing on ONE thing.

’Tis just the way the human mind works, and I’ll usually keep notepad or word open so I can jot down the idea, and then write on it once I’m done with the current piece.

But there is yet ANOTHER time that is very potent for me in terms of ideas . . . a time most people would never imagine I’d have ideas (work related)- but truth be told, we all would, if we only LET ourselves “open up” and “be receptive”!

So — when is this other time? Well, most of the time it’s when working out — and regular followers of my emails and newsletters will know that I’ll always keep a pen and paper handy by me when I workout so as to jot down ideas that often pop up in my mind while exercising, and believe me, there are plenty — and they are ALL useful ideas in one way or the other.

And if you don’t write it down and figure you’ll “commit” it to memory — well, believe me, my friend. You run a very realistic chance of LOSING some of the best ideas that you can get.

Today was literally one of those days. I was pondering a business related issue for a while before my workout, and finally figured I’d call it a day in that regard for the nonce, and started my workout.

And presto — halfway through the first set of squats came idea #1 one, and on the back of it came several other ideas, so many of them “pouring in” that I had to, quite literally, pause at rep #50 and scribble ’em all down.

The same thing applies to ideas that you get “out of the blue” or “in a flash” for that matter.

THESE are the ideas that count, and THESE are the ideas you need to write down — and believe you me, you only get them when your in the RIGHT MENTAL STATE.

Anyway, ’twas a great workout, and so BUZZED was I after the routine that I set about my ideas as soon as I was done (and hence you often see me writing about the pools of sweat forming under my computer chair, for instance!).

Anyway, that is a long enough post with several very valuable tips in it, but before I finish, it’s key to be in the right mental state to be MOST receptive to ideas from the Universe and your subconscious mind (truly a bridge between you and Universal Intelligence if there ever was one).

I’ll write more on that later but intense and regular workouts are one way to achieve this state of mind, and stay in it!

And on that note, I’m off to do some bridging. See ya around!


Rahul Mookerjee

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