How to cut losers out of your life

Rahul Mookerjee
8 min readJun 16, 2020

Trust me, it will be the best damned decision you ever made for yourself!

I don’t know what it is about 2020, but this year has truly inspired me to do something I’ve been hard at work doing over the past few years — that being to cut two type of people out of your life — the energy drains (and suckers) . . . and (more importantly, to me at least), the LOSERS.

With a big freaking capital L.

Napoleon Hill I believe it was that said “You are the sum of the 5 people you hang around the most” (that isn’t a verbatim quote, but ’tis the gist of it).

(The quote above is Jim Rohn, but look in Hill’s Laws of Success book and I’m positive you’ll find it there as well in some way, shape or form)

And he wasn’t alone in saying this. From Edison to Steve Jobs to anyone TRULY successful at anything (note — I don’t mean just money by success) . . . they ALL said it, and for a damned good reason.

Our subconscious is what really drives the RESULTS in our life — either positive or negative.

And this garganturan mega computer that literally RULES us isn’t too fussy about whether or not it receives positive input or negative.

The logical “reasoning” mind sorts through the input it gets classifying it as positive or negative, but the subconscious makes NO such distinctions, my friend.

Feed it ANYTHING enough times, and it will believe it, and once that SEED of belief has been planted into your subconscious . . . well, WATCH OUT MY FRIEND.

Results will show up accordingly.

As Claude Bristol said, repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the affirmations lead to belief. Once that belief becomes a DEEP seated conviction, things begin to happen.

And while this is NOT a piece on “how to convince the subconscious”, it IS a stark reminder of the fact that if you aren’t where you want to be in life today, then chances are excellent and second to none you’re surrounding yourself with the WRONG type of people.

What I am about to say might sound harsh, but the fact is this — hang out with (or otherwise be influenced by those) people that fit into what you SEE YOURSELF as being in the future.

If you see yourself as a deadbeat loser happy to hang on to a min wage job that may be taken away at any time and NEVER take any initiative to change things (and castigate or otherwise put down those that do, while feeding the seed of inferiority within you all the time), then by all means hang out with the dregs.

And if you’re a go getter, and if you see yourself successful down the road — then make every attempt to hang out with or be influenced by SUCCESSFUL people (those you consider to be a true success).

And it’s easy to do, really.

Cardinal rule #1 is simple.

And it’s this — simply REMOVE said people from your life.

That’s right.

No excuses.

Just remove.

If you’re dealing with people (or so called friends in your life) that never have any time for you, this might be a good thing to do.

I know that personally, back in the last couple of years there were a lot of people somewhat close to me that I’d often chat with, and try to help.

Motivate. Uplift. BE nice to. And all the associated B.S.

And guess what.

Anytime yours truly wanted to talk about something, they’d either ignore it, or they’d simply get back with “Oh, I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about that!”

Yeah. Right. People that have political discussions aplenty, and yet when you bring your own country up somehow they “know nothing”.

It’s not that they don’t know. IT’s that they don’t CARE.

And this used to frustrate me no end, until I simply stopped CARING.

In the past I’d argue with these people. I’d try and get them to “listen” (quid pro quo as it were).

Never happened. In fact, precisely the opposite did.

And NOW . . . I simply ignore ’em. I treat these people much like I do trolls — I simply don’t care anymore about these people.

And believe me, my life has improved IMMENSELY since I stopped giving a you know what (which I never did anyway, but this year has been, for obvious reasons a year I’ve upped the ante a bit and then some).

Then you have the whiners and moaners that moan about their silly little jobs and how “things are tough for them”, and yet, make NO attempt to change their lives whatsoever, instead finding solace in their complaints.

Now, I’m not saying people don’t need help.

Sometimes, a friend needs to pull them out of that funk.

But in the vast majority of cases, and I can name names here, EVERY PERSON that I’ve given ideas to in terms of what they could do and how they could improve their lives without endless rants of mindless jobs (and being this is China, well, that old bug bear and dancing monkey “loser” job ESL) . . . has done exactly SQUAT all with those ideas, despite acknowledging the ideas were GOOD.

Of course, they’d require work, and it’s easier to sing ABC in front of a bunch of kindergarten kids (or do something equally inane and meaningless), go back home and rant about the Coronavirus and how they’re not getting paid what they deserve, drink up, fall asleep, and next day . . . wake up stone dead sober (not, hehe) and then repeat the same damned process.

To these people, if that is the way they choose to live their life, hey, I don’t got a problem with that.

But if YOU are wondering about why you aren’t achieving what you want to — well — you might want to cut these sort of influences out of your life asap, because believe you me, they ARE having an impact upon you and your success even if you don’t know it consciously.

And believe me, while lots of people worry about “the void” not being filled, rest assured anytime you remove something negative from your life, it will be filled by something better so quickly you won’t even notice the so called “loss”.

It’s happened to me in terms of business plenty of times. Customers. Friends. Even certain family members . . .

The key is — don’t be scared to cut them out — totally out of your life!

And cardinal rule #2 is what I said above already — that being stop CARING.

When you start cutting people out of your life, you’ll have those people turn around and notice you, and in most cases, the feedback you get will be anything but positive.

And every time you get such feedback, I’d recommend doing what Dan Kennedy once recommended, which was to raise his arms up in the air when he received negative (meaningless negative mind you) feedback upon sales letters that made him money, products that (you guessed it, made him dough!) and utter — or rather, yell an exuberant HURRAH!

Believe me, when you stop caring, you’ll start to view this sort of thing as positive. And watch your gains literally SKYROCKET once you start implementing this little gem into my routine.

It isn’t about profiting from trolls (well, that’s part of it) or profiting from negative feedback in a business sense.

It’s an overall sort of profiting, and the most important thing — which is INNER peace (or peace of mind).

Peace of mind that you’re finally away from the loons, and that they can’t harm you no matter what.

Build that wall, and only allow those you deem NECESSARY in, my friend. I don’t know if you’ve read “Grow Rich with Peace of Mind” by Napoleon Hill, but he talks about the “seven guardian princes” of his inner sanctum (subconscious mind) and you’d be well advised to do something similar.

Anyway, before I end this, another item of note.

I’ve often spoken about doing what Napoleon Hill says, that being to tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW it first.

In other words, deeds are what count. Not words.

The immortal Napoleon Hill . . .

And anytime you proudly announce your goals to all and sundry (and I have lost track of how much I’ve written about this, but it IS that important!) chances are excellent you’ll feel an “energy drain” coming on, because most people are subconsciously set up to think negative anytime someone else talks about something important to them in terms of accomplishment.

The human mind, as Napoleon Hill says truly is an expert at looking for hundred and one (or more) reasons that a thing CANNOT be done as opposed to finding and focusing upon (and in many cases it’s in plain view!) the ONE reason it CAN BE DONE!

I am paraphrasing there, but that’s the sum and substance of it.

Why just humans though?

I’ve often spoken about the bucket of crabs where that one crab trying to escape the bucket is constantly pulled BACK in by its peers.

How dare he break out of the mould eh.

And these people aren’t necessarily losers. They’re energy drains, and also best avoided, but the losers in my opinion are the #1 thing you need to CUT OUT OF your life — starting NOW, my friend.

Do so now, and watch our gains literally SKYROCKET!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. — And just so you know, it’s the same damned thing in terms of fitness. Set out on a goal to become the fittest you ever have been, and you will encounter tons and tons of criticism and negative feedback, and especially more so if you get on “off the road” exercise programs such as mine.

Let it slide off your back, my friend. Be the duck that not only QUACKS — but outswims her competitors, and when you do so, watch out.

Those same people will be looking up to you — envious of your gains, at which point you can turn around and say a huge HA.

Or, perhaps nothing at all (and I’m pretty sure that’s the route you’ll choose, hehe).

The mighty hill that inspired (in part!) 0 Excuses Fitness

OK, enough for now. Here , then is where you can grab the best damned fitness system there is on this HERE planet, my friend-

I look forward to welcoming you aboard!!



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