Doing it the EASY way — or the HARD WAY?

Rahul Mookerjee
5 min readNov 9, 2020

I don’t know why, but I’ve always seemed to favor the latter option! Hehe.

Now, that isn’t the most practical of routes to take.

But sometimes and often times “practicality” has to be put into the background and your GUT needs to be obeyed!

I’ve lived my entire life based upon gut feeling, was what I told my buddy from the Marines once, and he agreed.

“We’ve both lived our entire lives based upon that!”

And the GUT knows far better than “logic” my friend. Your intuition and those on the spur of the moment FEELINGS and DECISIONS do a far far better job of “pointing you in the right direction for YOU” than anyone else ever could.

Or any amount of books or logic ever could . . .

Your subconscious thrifts through everything at a speed even the fastest super computer would be jealous of, and yet, amazingly enough the vast majority of people ignore it!

Anyway, story time you ask?

Well, OK. But before that, remember that time in 2018 when I was FORCED into making a decision ON THE SPOT — on the SPUR of the moment for which I was NOT READY — right after a tough workout and run!

My enemies were literally WAITING in place for me right there and then. They still are, but I’m better prepared this time around!

And I’ve no doubt they’re thinking of more ways to “scheme against me”, but hey, that ain’t the story I want to share in this one.

Back in the year 2001, I believe (if memory serves me right, I don’t know) I was in New York.

The state, not the city, and I was working for G.E Power Systems as a junior coder basically.

“He doesn’t need to be taught anything! He just goes on to Google and learns what he needs to!”

Were the words my superior at the time told my manager when asked (and my supervisor). Yes, I was at the very bottom of the pecking chain, hehe.

And being they were coding in Visual Basic at the time, one of my favorite languages at that point, well, that helped! As did a certain Mary Gregg who did a fine job of teaching us the basics in VB 101 (or was it 203) in school . . .

Anyway . . .

At the time I was living in an apartment, and the move from down South to NY meant we (girlfriend and myself) left our (her) car behind.

And so we were in this little bitty apartment (studio) for a while, with a cHinese guy as a neighbor who worked at the same place, and very graciously offered to drop me to work with him, and back too (although I would often walk back myself).

And I still remember what he kept telling me in the car. . .

“Rahul, you’re so damned lucky! You have an American girlfriend!”

“Marry her, and you’ll get citizenship!”

The best damn course out there to build your GRIP.

And he said this so often that it made me wonder.

Now, remember that at the time I didn’t know jack shit about China. I’d find out later that for the Chinese, you could have passports from several different nations, but your SKIN COLOR and ethnicity is all they really care about (and indeed, even today, ethnic Chinese in China with US passports are being detained against their will despite the fact they aren’t Chinese nationals!). . .

And “Fang”, the friendly dude was no exception to this rule. He didn’t even know that …. Ah, but I won’t get into that on here.

Build that GORILLA GRIP!

I remember thinking, damn. That’s the easy way out ain’t it.


In fact, I know a guy that got married just so he could get student loan which he still apparently has not re-paid . . .

Anyway, the easy way.

I remember thinking the following “what a cop out”.

Do I really want to (if I needed to) do things that way?

Nah. I’d rather do it on my own if I really needed it!

And that’s how I’ve been all my life my friend.

For some reason, the “beaten path” of a regular job never appealed to me. Sure, I did it for a while when I first moved to cHina, but much like with Napoleon Hill, I never “stuck” with any of them jobs. Same thing in India, the middle East, and back in China again.

I even tried something I hate with a passion — ESL — but despite the school offering me a hefty pay package — no way. It wasn’t destined to last!

And fitness wise, I’m the same way.

I do it MY WAY.

Which is usually never the easy way, and I’ll tell you this damn much my friend — the SATISFACTION that comes from FINALLY achieving after doing it the HARD way is what makes it all worth it!

Fitness wise, it wasn’t fun waking up at 5 AM to hike in biting cold. Daily. Without fail. And then put in a day of work . . .

. . . or, climbing mountains in the middle of the day in scorching heat and humidity in Southern China.

But I did it. My way.

And along the way, the satisfaction I got was UNPARALLED!

Now, I realize this may not be the way for everyone.

And that’s fine.

But I’m here to tell you — in fitness, and life, if you’re after REAL success, there ain’t no easy way out, pardner.

That’s just how it is.

You can do things QUICK and you SHOULD! But “easy”?

If that’s what you’re looking for, well, you’re at the wrong place mi amigo.

But if you’re into the REAL deal — looking for the REAL deal, the “Real Mc Coy” as some of my customers like to say — — well — — I’m here for ya!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS — There ain’t no easy way out, my friend. Rocky was right in the fourth installment. Sometimes you gotta take on Goliaths and take ’em down! And then of course work with them years later in the Expendables . . .

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P.P.S — And yes, I WILL pimp my products in every post I make. If that aint your cup of tea, well, the Unsubscribe link is there for a reason! Hehe.



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