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5 min readDec 23, 2021

This morning I was nigh disgusted, not just with myself (not so much myself I should say) — but the WORLD in general.

I was annoyed, pissed off … many things going on. And while I could have sat and fumed over things — I didn’t. (or worried).

I pictured a certain result I want in my life.

(NB — this doesn’t have something to do with our website, which is currently “down” for some reason — we will get it back up by tomorrow most likely).

But I was just disgusted at the world, the panic stricken or “leave me alone” mode most people have gotten into (while silently always on social media, Joo Tube and what not) — and of course, the lockdowns and everything going on. Just disgusting in general the way people, business, all of it has become …

At people that don’t get back after numerous reminders, at people that keep moaning, groaning, complaining, expecting the impossible, I don’t know, people in general these days are not what they used to be, and “real people” done disappeared around the 90’s I think. Yes, I know, that dates me some… but I’d rather that than the alternative.

Yours truly though prides himself on not just “surviving” through — but PLOWING through tough times — and doing WELL during the tough times, so the easy times are basically “gravy”.

Those of you on my list know this.

And for those not in the know, until such time as my site gets back online — my writing shall be posted here on Medium (and there’s more on Medium — some great, great stuff on there — so subscribe to it if you have not already).

Anyway …

After picturing what I wanted, I went out and jumped rope for 10 minutes straight.

When I say straight, I mean STRAIGHT — like without stopping — except for a couple of 10–15 second breaks — by the clock.

And I breezed past 1000 reps before I knew it, though I wasn’t even thinking reps. I was focusing on time, non stop jumping — something I tell you repeatedly in Jump Rope Mania.

And if I don’t, it should be obvious, with something like that, you keep GOING.

It’s not weights, my friend.

You do not do 10 and then stop.

You keep GOING — if you have to stop — you take a few deep breaths, and keep GOING.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System, of course, for those of you that know teaches you how to take deep, deep breaths and keep GOING without getting overly out of breath — even when you are.

And it is THIS deep breathing that warms up your entire body — even in the heights of winter. Just ask Vladimir Putin, I’m sure he’ll tell you the same thing as he rides horses bare chested and swims in icy Siberia in the rivers there!

At the age of — not exactly a spring chicken.

Anyway …

Before I did that, I did a few pushups to rev the engine up too (I didn’t count those as my final rep count, or in it).

After the jumping, I stretched out — then did pushups and pull-ups again.

I banged out 50 without even noticing it, and 20 odd pull-ups — again without noticing it.

And then, of course …

I was sweating like a MOTHA by then.

And was bare chested already, with the cold wind outdoors blowing on me, feeling like … I don’t know, nothing at all!

I spoke about how taking cold showers at the height of winter really INVIGORATES and tunes the system up from the inside out, I spoke about how the Finns jump into the icy cold waters there after partaking of hot saunas… this hot and especially COLD treatement gives your immune system more of a boost than any Covid vaccines out there could.

It’s disgusting, but amidst all the talk of covid etc, we hear not ONE SINGLE Word about deep breathing — or exercise done right — or the right LIFESTYLE.

All we get perennially is dumbphones shoved down our throats, and those that speak up are silenced in some way, shape or manner (President Trump being a great example).

Anyway … yours truly is big on dreams. Ya’ll know this!

Last night, Jeff Bezos showed up in a dream, and unlike other times when he sits and laughs with me — this time was different.

He was AVOIDING me.

Upon waking up, I couldn’t understand why — then I got it.

Yesterday, I allowed myself to feel an emotion I rarely ever allow to penetrate my mind I.e frustration.

Thats why!

You keep going — like Pete Lillo said — RELENTLESSLY!

If you cannot post here, you post there.

If you cannot email, you Twitter.

But you keep GOING.

Anyway …

After writing all this, I posted it to Medium.

Before clicking submit, I checked my phone — and there was a notification. Good news for me.

Not quite the result I pictured, but it’s getting there. The subconscious works in mysterious ways, my friend — and what you never think might lead to anything usually always DOES.

The author Rahul Mookerjee in Hong Kong, China (near the Tsim Tsa Shui harbor)

Anyway, why I am writing all this here.

First, because picturing a goal doesn’t equate to obsessing over it in a bad manner.

Yes, you think about it all day — but not to the point the lack of it “now” starts to affect you.

If it’s the latter, youll REPEL what you’re seeking.

The key is to find a healthy balance between the two, and DO other things — focus on OTHER THINGS as well along with what you WANT.

There is a whole science to this, and the opening chapters in my book Zero to Hero detail it all.

And second, there is no substitute for solid physical activity, preferably bodyweight exercises.

Last, but not least, I swung my club a LOT this morning too at the end of it all (all my clubs).

And I feel great — superb — ROCKING!

Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness is the key to that, of course … we’re currently in pre-order status for that book as we speak.

And last, if you’re one of the people who I constantly “ask” but never get back — well, please DO. There is no reason for radio silence, my friend.

Before I forget — the links are all linking to my site, because after the “deluge” yesterday, we’re currently down. But if you click a link and the site’s down, well, Amazon or Google’s your friend too, we sell on there too.

For pre-orders, and other “special discounts” contact me directly via email at rmookerjee@hotmail.com (until we get the contact form on the site back up).

I’ll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

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