COVID19, Virus “shyrus”, and do whites owe the world reparations?

Rahul Mookerjee
10 min readMay 20, 2020

Dear Reader,

As I sit here typing this, the world is going through one of the most irrational phases ever . . . IRRATIONAL to the extreme, actually.

And what do I refer to?

Well, the panic caused by the blasted COVID 19 virus — — more than the deaths attributed to the virus, and more than the hoo haa caused by it is BY ITSELF probably responsible (in the long run) for more chaos, anarchy, government control and the “sheeple” syndrome.

Getting used to the new normal is the politically correct way of saying this and indeed the line most governments are parroting.

Some governments more so than others.

In fact other than the Donald Trump I cannot think of a SINGLE world leader right now that is proactive about saying (and he’s right) that all this virus is (and I’ve been saying this since the beginning, if you’ve been following me) a virus — and nothing else.

President Trump is probably the best (well, Raegan too IMO! ;)) the U.S. ever had . . .

Like the flu, which kills far more annually, but no-one sits up and takes note, do they?

(and no, this ain’t about politics. I care NOT if you support Trump or not. I do for reasons outside the scope of the piece, but again, focus on FACTS. Not shooting the messenger!)

We had Ebola. We had SARS. We had the Spanish Flu back in the day . . . all of which collectively and individually killed FAR more than this virus does.

That brings to mind something else that is interesting.

The entire world pisses and moans about calling this virus the Chinese Virus, but yet, NOT A SINGLE person complains about calling the Spanish flu the Spanish flu, do they?

Liberals throw a hissy fit when they hear the term, but when you call lets say Indian (from the subcontinent, not “native American) food . . . gasp . . . none other than “Indian food” and not “food made by Indians in America”, hey, these same liberals impatiently tap their pretty little feet and go “but thats fact!”

Amazingly enough, one FACT ignored by the sheeple is this — — most people that get the VIRUS — newsflash — RECOVER!

And even more amazingly enough, or perhaps not, the other fact is that most people that DIE from the virus (a minority of those that DO get it) do so because of OTHER underlying health issues.

Folks, here is the fact for as it stands.

Global shutdowns and mass panic are to a large part, for the most part actually responsible for KILLING a country (along with, as Donald Trump correctly points out, shutting down economies) quicker than any virus or war ever could.

“You can’t just come in and expect America to shut down!” (paraphrased, but the import is the SAME).

And the fact is, you can’t.

HUNGER and poverty are (RIGHT NOW) killing and making more people homeless in India and South Africa for instance, than the virus itself.

The draconian and ENTIRELY UNREASONABLE bans on moving about, curfews, panic and the such were “borrowed” in part from learning (I use that term sparingly) the success the Chinese mainland supposedly had in with regard to treating the virus.

Key word being SUPPOSEDLY.

They shut down Wuhan, and then Hubei and Zhejiang (effectively the most populous parts of the nation) for months on end starting the end of January, and then increased their citizen surveillance activities to the point that in some cases they went so far as to install CAMERAS to track if people were following curfews . . . right in their CLOSETS!

That’s right.

You heard me.

And this is amazingly enough being ACCEPTED, and while there ain’t much choice but to do so in mainland China, what is WORRISOME indeed is the rest of the world accepting and indeed tom tomming the “new normal” — when there was NO need for the same to begin with!

And even China didn’t shut down the entire nation, and right now, as we speak . . . Northern China is still under lockdown that started sometime in early April.

And the city of Wuhan is being tested . . . yet again.

Now, this ain’t a discussion about who created the virus and who KNOWINGLY allowed the virus to spread beyond their borders.

In fact the FACT is that (and this is coming out now) that sports people that participated in the World Military Games in October 2019 were rumored to have contracted the virus, so the common assertion that China first discovered this in late November and then allowed it to spread until they literally had NO CHOICE BUT TO DO SO is false in that this virus had probably been raging along even before then.

We hear about the “global domination” conspiracies, or what people call conspiracy anyway when it comes to china, don’t we?

Anyway, enough on that.

A common reason given for the draconian and STUPID restrictions imposed due to the COVID19 in many countries (lets talk India and South Africa here, but there are more) is the sorry ass, lame ass and oft trotted out excuse of “We are poor countries, unlike the whites!”

First thing you know, this is utter bullshit.

India, for one got its independence way back in 1947, and (as my wife pointed out, and you know I’m ONTO something if she agrees with me, hehe) and it’s 2020 now.

Almost 80 years. I’m no Math Whiz (daughter would disagree, hehe), but that’s how I see it.

And we still complain about the “whites taking over India and looting its wealth”.

My Dad and me had many an argument on this, and it ALWAYS culminated into a shouting contest on his part, and a “smile” on my part as I silently listened.

Sure, I could shout back and louder but this ain’t the jungle my friend, and the law of the jungle while I could apply it — sure, is NOT what we’re discussing.

(There is a time and place for that, but that’s a topic for another post).

For now, the point is this.

People in India in general are still of the opinion “The British did this to us” while the politicians in the country amass huge amounts of wealth willy nilly, with gay abandon, as the population in general turns more and more apathetic and says “that’s the way it is”.

In India, for instance, in the year 2020, you cannot buy alcohol (beer, wine, whiskey etc) at the same shop as you could water or groceries.

There is NO concept of convenience stores, at least not like in the rest of the world. No, I ain’t talking the West here. I’m talking countries like China and Japan too. Hell, even a tiny country like Vietnam has ’em . . .

You cannot for the most part buy non-vegetarian food at the same place you can other items.

Things that are taken for GRANTED in many parts of the world — — most, actually — — are “luxuries” in India, and here is the fact for as it stands.

It don’t need to be that way.

But of course, every time I talk about it, I hear . . . . either yelling, or CRICKETS.

And then of course “you don’t know anything! The whites did this to us!”

IF there was ever a more asinine and utterly ABSURD premise upon which to argue the said topic on (and I’m not even getting into the panic measures the Indian government has effectively installed during the COVID-19; an excuse to CONTROL if any) . . . then I’m YET to hear it.

I mean, dude. Come on. Really. GET REAL.

First thing you know, you’re screaming racism, and you’re doing the same thing yourself.

No, I hear the neigh sayers piss and moan. They did it!

OK. They did.

And how?

They were able to do it because newsflash — the locals in India ALLOWED the East India company to flourish until it took control over the entire nation.

Superior weapons my rear end. IF that was the case, then the whole of China would probably have been taken over by the Brits, Portugese and Dutch as opposed to just a tiny rocky outcrop that the world knows as Hong Kong today.

Second, hypocrisy. India for the most part still uses the same ancient railways the Brits built.

They still have a lot of the red tape the Brits started in terms of government applications etc . . . YEARS after the Brits were kicked out of the country.

They still have the “English Wine and Beer shops” controlled so tightly by the government that woe betide the dormouse who tried to get a teensy weensy foot in . . .

And the same thing apples to slavery, and the ridiculous claims of reparations being due that are normally made by people.

I am yet to hear one good reason as to why said claims are due.

The past is the past, for one.

Second, why the hell should a man pay reparations to another simply because of the other man’s skin color (which is what the argument boils down to) and simply because his grandfather may or may not have enslaved the other man’s family?

Hey, don’t get me wrong.

It was abhorrent, and despicable.

The horrors were manifold.

But to come back years later and say “you owe me money” for something I had no part in and don’t support is beyond insane and asinine, especially considering said minorities are usually almost ALWAYS given more in terms of handouts and support by the government.

No wonder they complain more. I’ve always maintained that handouts make you LAZY and less willing to work, and there right there is solid PROOF of said fact.

(Don’t get me wrong. We all need help at times, but help doesn’t equate to LIFELONG CRUTCH, and anyone that says that it does or acts like it should is a hypocrite and LAZY to boot. Sorry if that offends anyone, but it is TRUE).

Further, have you ever stopped and considered just how all these slaves were brought over?

I don’t mean Ben Hur and the ships.

I mean, who sold them off to the whites?

Crickets, I hear.

I ask you again.



Well, I’ll tell ya.

It’s . . . GASP . . . their own PEOPLE that did it way back in the day, and if you don’t believe it, do some digging around (in fact it’s actually common knowledge and you’ll find it with very little effort, actually) and you’ll see.

And now we have the descendants of the same people bitching up a storm over spilt milk (OK, way worse, but you get the point).

Then of course, we have the current China — Japan feud, and the Japanese CORRECTLY for the most part rebutting the claims of “reparations are due” that the Chinese routinely make, while acknowledging the horrors their own people perpetuated in the past upon the Chinese.

But still.

Where does the buck stop?

WHY should generations be made to pay for their ancestor’s mistakes in perpetuity?

IS that not in itself slavery of sorts — not just for those being accused, but also for those doing the accusing (think handout central!)

I think YES on both counts, mi amigo.

At the end of the day, we learn from the past, acknowledge it, and MOVE on.

Germany is a perfect example of this, and no, the small minority of Nazis sympathizer jackasses in the country doesn’t mean the country as a whole supports it.


They moved on. They did better, actually — they took STEPS to prevent this sort of thing happening ever again!

Do we see the Jews jumping up and down about reparations?

Or the Indians, for that matter asking the Brits to give them money for what happened almost a century ago?

And so forth.

These questions should be thought of by ANYONE that makes the above asinine “reparations are due” claim, my friend.

And those are my thoughts on that. Comments in the comments section, oh, and before I go.

This was about fitness, wasn’t it?

Isn’t this a 0 Excuses Fitness account?

Well, it’s actually Rahul Mookerjee’s account, but here are the facts for as they stand — I write about whatever I want to, my friend.

And if I want to write about what I am now, so I will.

In terms of fitness of course, the same hypocrisy and excuses abound.

Here are a few asinine statements in that regard.

“I don’t have good genetics. I put on weight easily”

(Boo Hoo. Cry me a river, my friend. So do I!)

“I am not naturally a big guy”

(BOOOO HOOO! Cry me Niagara falls, my friend. I am not, and never have been!”

“My grip is weak!”

“Pushups don’t do anything!”

(BOOOOO! For obvious reasons, hehe)

And so forth.

The point of me saying, or perhaps ranting (for some people that would be a better term) about this is this — STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

ZERO excuses, my friend.

Napoleon Hill said it best in Think and Grow Rich when he correctly stated the average man can think of a thousand reasons (I’m paraphrasing) that someone wont work, or is a very bad idea, or thereforth as opposed to the ONE reason why it WILL work, and focus on that as opposed to the negative and polar opposite.

And I’d add on that the other thing the majority of men and women these days have in common is making EXCUSES. So much so that Hill actually devoted quite a bit of space to excuses in his book when he lists out no less than 50 of the most common excuses that people have not succeeding in whatever endavor it is they attempt to obtain TRUE AND LASTING success at.

I could probably think of 50 more right off the bat, but this ain’t the “time and place” for it.

In closing, we all need to take a long, HARD look in the mirror sometimes, and stop blaming others for our shortcomings before we can ever hope to achieve any sort of success either as an individual or as a COUNTRY.

“As they think, so they are”, and I’ll (finally, phew!) close this one off with that quote from the great Claude Bristol!


Rahul Mookerjee

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