Bruce Lee style “wing” pushups, and more…

Rahul Mookerjee
9 min readJan 2, 2022

This email is going to be a lot of things, my friend — and fear not, we’ll get to Bruce Lee and his look too!

Though really, if you think about Lee, his strength, conditioning, athleticism — and martial arts prowess (and mental strength and gumption) should be what you think about.

Not looks. Not “movie star looks” and “you look like a movie star” as I’ve been often told.

Training for looks should not be the goal. Looks are a welcome byproduct, the real goal should be something else. (and if you ask “what” you haven’t read until here).

And this email isn’t for you — if you ask “what”.

But again, really … the look doesn’t hurt, does it?

Take a look at the below …

The famous Bruce Lee doing Lat Isometrics

And he was just getting WARMED UP there!

I think it’s fair to say this look is something more gym goers, pumpers, toners, puffers, buffers and such would die for — and keep trying to get — but never get.

Lee was someone that weighed barely 60 kgs soaking wet; the same “you look like a 13 year old look” my wife once told me I had (when shooting for the 0 Excuses Fitness System with that “perfect body” as it were).

Walking the wall “backwards” — YouTube

Rahul Mookerjee, the author of 0 Excuses Fitness performing an exercise that people have said “make them feel better than anything else they have ever done!”

That link above, my friend, will show you more on the “perfect movie star like body” so many of you say I have, and I respond with “well, I worked for it”.

And thats why I am so damn PROUD OF IT — someone that was naturally never gifted, never athletic, always told “you think you’re so strong” in a caustic, nasty manner; someone that was never actually strong growing up, a phat phocker for a lot of his life …

… someone that worked his ass off to get in the best shape of his life, and teaches YOU how to too!

Anyway, the real secret to the Bruce Lee “wing spread” isn’t what you might think, friend.

It isn’t pull-ups for one — sure, Lee did tons and tons of those, probably more in one day than the average person does in a LIFETIME.

But that isn’t the whole secret.

If you’ve looked at slim guys with corrugated cores, martial artists with perfect bods, and so forth … you’ll have noticed two things, one, the shirts “billowing” around the impossibly narrow waist, and the shoulders and traps being STRONG — and impeccably BROAD, just like YOU want them to be — except they look even broader due to the contrast with the slim waist.

“He’s thick, but you’re BROAD!”

I still remember my friend from the Marines saying that, when we were talking fighting, and me fighting a much bigger, and stockier dude.

(and a boxing champ).

Now, many things play into that look.

But the #1 secret, my friend, is doing pushups, and a ton of them.

Yes, pushups, the big dog of 0 Excuses Fitness!

I’m sitting here writing to you NOW, my friend, and I’m literally BUZZING.

My shoulders are fried, traps popping out of my shirt, I’m sweating up a storm in the winter, and more.

My abs feel tighter than ever before.

And all of this, after 500 odd pushups in an hour.

I had a goal to get back to 0 Excuses Fitness style training primarily in the New Year (or slightly before that) ; not that I wasn’t already, but I Was focusing more on jumping rope ; now that I’ve gotten to a personal best on that, it’s on to other things WHILE I still jump rope daily!

And 250 pushup workouts as I show you in the System quickly, for me, turned into 500.

(note that this progression is too much for most people, you’d be better off with INCREMENTAL progressions as I say on my website, and my YouTube channels).

REally, baby steps are what count, and CONSISTENCY, doing something DAILY which turns into more NATURALLY.

Anyway …

The secret isn’t what you think.

It’s not regular pushups.

It’s not “Jack La Lanne” style pushups (though those will make a man out of you; it ain’t Hindus either; those will make a man x 10 out of you) ; it ain’t pushups targeting the 15th medial head of the deltoid either (ugh) ; it ain’t hills. it ain’t leg training, it ain’t Advanced Hill Training; it ain’t any of that.

It’s all of that, actually, but most of all?

It’s a style of pushup, eerily close to a regular pushup, except with ONE SUBTLE difference in terms of finger placement (no, it ain’t diamond pushup either; those will make a man out of you too!) …

… a pushup that most people cannot do, or even get into position to do, a pushup that if you ain’t careful, you’ll literally fall FLAT ON YOUR FACE WHEN YOU FIRST TRY IT.

The pathbreaking, one of its kind book on pushups “Pushup Central” by Rahul Mookerjee

Not kidding either, so be careful.

Those of you that have done this style of Pushup, shown in Pushup Central, KNOW how this opens up the shoulders, and hits the lats and traps and LOWER back like nothing you’ve ever done!

THIS style of pushup is primarily responsible for the lat spread you see in most martial artists, really fit people, boxers, and such ; most of them do pull-ups yes, but nowhere near the “mainstay”of their routine.

Dont get me wrong, pull-ups are important. Damn important.

But no pushup will give you the packed chest look and “lats like bats” look like this one.

If you want to find out which one, well, crack open Pushup Central, and you’ll see.

Its a style of pushup NO-ONE except me teaches.

And it will bring results — quick.

Ancient Indian yogis did part of this as their routine, but they don’t have the whole thing down pat by a long shot.

Wrestling came first, not yoga, as I keep saying.


On a parting note, not handstand pushups either !

You’ll have to get the book for more, and thats that, but wait! Before I go, something infinitely more important for now ..

This is something I sent my email list, so I thought I’d post it here too.

This is URGENT — big time.

I just sent out an email asking for your support a while back, and that is much needed, yes. We need YOU to buy products — use the info in the manuals — and most importantly, leave REVIEWS and spread the word — in order to not just survive, but thrive.

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After all, and the DOERS know this, Rahul Mookerjee is truly the “bodyweight exercise guru” and the “Stella Artois of Fitness”, REAL FITNESS and BODYWEIGHT CULTURE.

I ain’t given to bragging either, and the names are well warranted, as are the results my products bring you.

y’all know this, of course.

But what you did NOT know — and what I want to tell you now is this -

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Last, but not least, I spoke to Gorilla Girl Sophia the other day who in her job at teaching is being kept “busy like cattle every day!

I couldn’t help but cackle, thinking of cattle in India, how they’re driven..

Thats me literally though, driving myself doing pushups and such!

(and it’s the doers when working out, as a certain John Walker once said “if you’re like me, when the mind will not allow the body to quit no matter what” … thats Navy Seal like mentality, John, and it’s what keeps the truly great seperate from the “rum dums” out there, so kudos!)

Anyway, she’s a great girl (it’s because of the upcoming holiday they’re that busy).

Back to it though …

Contribute, and we’ll truly keep you BUSY LIKE CATTLE ALL DAY working out and getting in the best damn shape of your life ; with fitness products that will literally DAZZLE you with their sheer BRILLIANCE!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. — As for the contributions, the DOERS on my list know I never ask, but I’m asking now because it’s really urgent. It truly is, so PLEASE — nice please, don’t just read this email and “do nothing”.

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Thank YOU!



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