An iconic example of sheer stupidity

Rahul Mookerjee
6 min readJul 8, 2020

Sometimes, you just to have (and I did this on my WeShat account this morning) “stop and shake your head”.

If just for the sheer stupidity of certain things going on in the world, and the idiotic way in which the new security law in HK (in case you’ve been living under a rock, China has effectively and unsurprisingly reneged on the “one country two systems” promise they made in 1997 last week) doenst just apply to those in China or Hong KOng, but globally.

In short, the illustrious (NOT) Xi Jinping, head honcho (wanker) at the CCP is now claiming that any post made on ANY social media globally is subject to Chinese prosecution “depending upon how China sees fit”.

Which to me is the most outrageous example of utter lunacy . . .

But there is more, my friend. There is more.

Once upon a time, a lady contacted me on LinkedIn asking if I could charge her only “10 % of the price” for the 0 Excuses Fitness System because she “only wanted to lose 10 kgs”.


And then of course, there was the diamond seller, and we’ll talk about HER today.

(And yes, she was from the Chinese mainland. Go figure huh).

It’s NO secret that when it comes to working out — and workout times — those times (as well as that topic) is about as sacrosanct to me as places of worship are for those that religious.

In fact perhaps more so.

I’ve spoken before about my dislike for folks that clamor to get “selfies” with me during tough sets of workouts straight from Eat More — Weigh Less, for instance, or clowns that shove their dumbphones in my face as I’m doing pull-ups — or anything to that effect.

And yet, this same guy was chuckling his way through a workout today — — so much so at one point that I almost fell off the chinning bar at a certain stage, so hard was I guffawing.


Well, it’s a long story — perhaps two — but here goes!

So last night I was talking to a diamond seller who was pestering me non-stop for info on “how to lose weight” and “how to stay fit”.

I ignored her initially, as I thought it was just a passing question — but it soon became apparent after she sent me a video that she was serious — about the question, at any rate .

The video showed her selling diamonds — covered in an “artfully” designed sweater which “covered all the curves” and the “junk in the trunk” — or so she thought, at any rate.

I told her to exercise.

No dice.

“I no like swimming and running!”

“Try cycling”, I ventured.

“No like!”

And I finally told her to get a copy of the System since it became apparent that anything outdoors wasn’t her cup of tea — and truth be told, I’d have told her that in the first instance if I thought she was “serious”.

She took a look at the page.

“How much in RMB?”

“Oh, it’s a trifling USD 149.99” , I answered. “Don’t worry — you can pay with your Union Pay card, and it’ll take care of the USD — RMB conversion”.

(NB — So if you’re living in a country other than the US — ears UP — YES — perfectly doable!)

She balked,and dug her heels in much like Jonah’s ass in the Bible.

“Then I won’t buy!”

“Why not?”

“Its too expensive!”

I changed the topic.

“How much does a diamond cost at your place”, I asked with a huge grin.


“A better way to ask the question is this. Are diamonds — or the price thereof — more important than your health and the strength of your internal organs? I think NOT …. ”

“Uh …. yeah …. ”

Now this sort of cheapskate attitude is nothing new to me. I’ve been pestered by plenty of tyre kickers before who seem to think my books are too expensive — but when I told a buddy of mine later about it, it gave him more than a hearty chuckle.

Iconic example, Rahul!” was what he said.

But that ain’t why I was chuckling through my workout today.

My buddy then started to talk about the way people were behaving at a nearby mall — presumably over the latest trend or some new clothes fad, and the way he described it was nigh hilarious.

He’s one of those guys that emotes very well, and gets the details RIGHT down to a T — — and his description of the shoppers was so accurate that I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.

“There’s no class whatsoever in this mess, Rahul! It’s juvenile and unsophisticated — the amount of “mindless” consumption — it’s this naive, dumbstruck, lemming like behavior going on … “

Believe me, I’m laughing out loud as I type this, and it’s been a day since he said it!

He’s right, of course — the way people act at shopping malls when it comes to deals etc is downright INSANE — especially when it comes to buying clothes etc.

(And though this person was a friend of mine, he abruptly switched tack and became something I utterly despise — — a China tom tommer — for all the wrong reasons. Oh well).

Sheeple following the sheeple, in other words, or lemmings acting as they do — following other lemmings and making sure to strip the mall bare, all for the latest fashion — which certainly wouldn’t help them improve their lives in any way possible, hehe.

Rahul Mookerjee after a solid climb.

And without further ado, how does this relate to fitness, you ask?

Well, because this naive “lemming like” behavior is exactly why the vast majority of folks out there are LESS fit than they’ve ever been — and have health problems out the ass, not to mention growing obesity levels and everything that comes with it.

The average lemming would be doing well to do 5 pushups without collapsing, and that isn’t an exaggeration!

More to the point, the average Joe — or Jane — is NOT satisfied with either their fitness levels — or where they are in life — but when pointed the way and shown a clear route, they dig their heels in.

And they argue for hours as to why “their way is the best” — even though it clearly isn’t working.

Napoleon Hill was right when he said the human mind when confronted with a NEW way of doing things automatically finds a zillion reasons for why something won’t work — as opposed to having an open mind and actually DOING the thing.

If you tell the average lemming, for instance, that 0 Excuses Fitness is far better than anything he’s ever done before — and will give him far more meaningful results than pumping and toning and shmoozing at the gym, he’ll rant all night long about “how the gyms are better, because people pay and there are machines there”.

If you tell the average lemming that constantly complains about his life — and his job — to IMPROVE it — by doing something on his own as opposed to depending upon a paycheck — he’ll give you a zillion reasons to “defend” what he’s doing — all of them making exactly no sense (most excuses don’t!).

Believe, I woke up to exactly this sort of thing this morning as I saw a lengthy “stat” pulled by one of these “lemmings” that apparently believes that working full time for a company is the way to go achieve things in life — all the while while complaining non stop about it!

Anyway, if you’re done chuckling as yet — moral of the story — or stories?

Simple — don’t be a LEMMING, my friend.

Stop following the herd.

Stop doing things “the way others said they should be done”.

Stop making excuses, and take RESPONSIBILITY for your life.

And most of all, get on the fitness train — and do it the right way — as opposed to complaining non stop about how you’re unable to lose weight and get rid of those nagging backaches, and your insomnia, for one.

You were given a brain — and a mind.

USE it — and you’ll be nigh surprised at the results that follow, if you only give it a chance!

Well, my friend, thats that for the lemmings. I’m off to chuckle a bit more myself — and I’ll be back with more later !


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. — If you’re part of the group that is content to read this and remain a lemming in terms of not investing in the best darn fitness system EVER — well, fine by me, mi amigo. Can take a horse to water, but can’t make it drink, hehe. But if you’re one of the RAREST — a DOER — and someone looking to go places in life — as well as take your fitness levels to STRATOSPHERIC levels — well then look no further than the System — —



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